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Afternoon all,

We are an Air Cadet squadron based in North Wales (UK) and part of our activities include going to local shows etc. at which point we pack up our twin seat D-Box platform simulator and let a load of strangers have a great experience flying an F16 in VR. But this is usually people who know how a joystick works and have the very basics in piloting skills, we (the Staff) sit in seat two and talk them through things.

Now, with twin seaters becoming more prominent, this opens up lots more opportunities for those who can't fly (or to scared to try) to sit in seat 2, put the VR headset on and let their friends/ family members or even one of our Staff members, fly them around in an F15/ F14 or another twin seat aircraft.

But, we have a problem, and that is, that when we go to these places, they don't have internet, so is there a solution whereby PC1 can host, and PC2 can link directly to it via a network switch, which will also connect to DCS for license verification for both PC's?

As I understand it with MP, as it stands, both PC's will need a dedicated internet connection to the DCS server, meaning that we'd have to get 4G routers and aerials etc, and then there's the throughput, some of the places we go too have quite a few people attending and the signal can be quite weak.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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You can directly connect to a server by LAN IP without needing of an internet connection, but the only problem is the license validation that last only 3days, and multiplayer will be disabled when operating in "offline mode"

You can use an hotspot just to validate the login, and open the game, then you can turn off the mobile connection, and leave just the LAN connected, or keep it on, since the traffic anyway will be only on LAN, not out and back in over internet between the two computers.


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