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Cannot do FreeTrials because 2 factor authentification cannot be done....


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I do not have a (so called) smart phone or tablet and cannot configure the 2 factor authentication. Cannot use Google authentication app because do not have a device to d/l it to!!!

Why don't you introduce a method to send the code to our email address in our profile...that would solve my problem for Free Trials. Or, since my email is a Google Gmail account, set up a method to validate authentication via Google Gmail account authentication....simple and it doesn't require a dumb mobile phone!   

But what is strange is that I have tried out Free Trials not too long ago (a year ago or so) without using Google authentication method....strange.

Anyways, what is the work around for this?

Thanks for a quick solution...



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There are several other ways to install Google Authenticator on a computer without a smartphone or tablet.

You can install the Google Authenticator extension for the Google Chrome browser, it is no different from the same mobile app.

And you can also install any Android application emulator on your computer to run Google Authenticator, but in my opinion, installing a browser extension is much simpler.

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I use Authy from Twilio myself as my 2FA app of choice. It also has a handy multi-device support feature, which is great if you don't wnat to have to dig out your phone every time when you're using a personal and trusted devices, and also great if you ever lose or break your phone. You still have another way at getting at your codes and not having to reset 2FA for every app (which would be dozens and dozens for me) or rely solely on back up codes in a situation like that:

I have it on my phone, personal laptop, and desktop, for example. When I built a new computer over the holidays, it made adding the new computer into my existing 2FA app a breeze. 

Easy to remove an old phone and add a new one into the "chain" of linked devices as a result. (not sponsored, not affiliated in any way 😅 Just the one I use for my personal accounts and work ones). 

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