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Patch issues with Multiplayer


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Ok so my question is, why is a Mod that is added into DCS through MODMAN but it has nothing to do with weapons or enhancing my ability to win a match not pass the weapons check after installing patch? Me and a buddy play multiplayer often, then I installed the patch, the only Mods I have installed right now are a new Rotor sound, a fire texture, and a sharkpit but when we go to play multiplayer it does not let us due to some integrity check or something. Is there any way around this or do I need to just revert back to my original installed with the patch and no addons, otherwise I guess there is no point for all the fancy addons if you cannot use them. Thank you all for your time, I love all the addons and mods just sucks if we gotta remove them every time you wanna play multiplayer. Thanks for any answers.

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Please list all your mods. Maybe we can tell you which mod force the problems.

Or unistall one by one to find it out.

I installed several mods without problems.

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1. You need to ask the guy who made the Mod what files it modifies.

2. The integrity check checks some really basic files - but it is possible for the Server Admin (the guy who host the mission) to override those parameters.

You can have a look here; Serveradmins - integrity_check files/folders

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....Is there any way around this


Entails 2 minutes of work........Up for it?


OK- Here goes:


Uninstall all your Mods and make a copy of your Eagle Dynamics Folder and rename it Eagle Dynamics MP. Thereafter install your Mods again as per your SP setup in your main installation folder. You will now use your Copied Folder as the basis for your MP setup.


With the ED MP Folder, navigate to the ED/Ka-50 Folder and find the Multiplayer.BAT File. Right-Click and rename it to DCS:MP. Thereafter Right-Click again and create a Shortcut - Send to Desktop.


Navigate to your desktop, find the Icon and Right-Click. Click on 'Properties', then 'Change Icon' and then 'Browse'. Browse to the ED/Ka-50/FUI Folder and choose the BS-3 Icon and hit 'Apply Changes'.


And that's that - You will have a seperate Install for SP (Modded) and a seperate install for MP (Unmodded).


Hope that Helps :)

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