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Mission Editor Wind Direction

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Has anyone else experienced this? I did post it in the "bugs section".


I didn't go through all 34 pages to see if this was reported although I did skim several and didn't see it.


There is a problem in the mission editor with the wind direction. I set up a mission at Nalchik airbase. The tower wants you to takeoff on runway 06. I set up the wind (which should be listed as a "FROM" condition) as 5 m/sec FROM 065. It shows up in the mission description as surface winds 3 m/sec 060 deg. But the tower announces them as 3 m/sec 245 degrees.


When I went back into the editor and set them up 180 degrees different, the tower now reads correct but the mission briefing and mission editor are incorrect.


From my days in the USAF, the pilot always gets the wind direction as the direction that the wind is blowing from not the to direction which makes the mission editor setup incorrect.


The other thing about this airbase and mission is that upon return the tower has me land on runway 24 opposite the tower takeoff. That occurs even with any wind data. I'm not complaining about this as runway directions do change while in flight - but it is based on winds. :cry:

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I asked about Nalchik my friend - he's a pilot, and he says that in Nalchik you always take off with heading 057, and land in opposite direction. This is due to close location of the city.


BTW, when he was flying an exercise with one engine shut down, tower denied landing with glide path over city.


Don't know how it's in your countries, but in Russia we have meteorologic direction of the wind, and navigational. The first one is from, the second is to. The tower also uses from.

Pilots use navigational, when preparing to flight, it's easy to calculate angle of drift, or whatever they do with velocity vectors.

During landings, and takeoffs it's easier to use meteorologic direction, for sure.


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In the US, tower and pilot's use from. At least it's nice to know that there is a reason for the difference. I guess I will just have to readjust my way of thinking when flying FC and Ka-50.


Since the A-10C is strictly a US aircraft, will this change in it's mission editor???

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