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What blown up objects create the longest smoke plumes?

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When I create missions, I like to have a few battles going on in the distance as well. I want to see big and even small smoke plumes burning for a long time.


Destroyed tanks only smoke for about 1 minute, so they are no good. Fuel Tanks and Ammo Dumps burn bigger and longer, so the battlefield looks very cool for a longer time.


I'm not sure if the weapon used makes much difference.



Can anyone give me any tips for creating more smoking battles on the battlefield? It just looks so much cooler.


I'm looking to get more of this:




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If you hit an amunition depot with a 500 pounder, you will see a beautiful plume and some very gratifying secondaries.


damage and effects have come a long way since LOMAC's beginning.



"When you're out of Tomcats, you're out of fighters!"


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(If memory serves me right) Nate has posted a picture of a bug that was in the early demo.


Snacko, there are no nukes in Lockon. Even though the Kh-65 is a nuke in real life, in Lockon it makes the same bang as the conventional warhead Kh-55.


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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The pics ztrl posted is a known yet very rare bug that seems to only occur in Multiplayer. No weapon is initially dropped to create it, but it just suddenly appears and drops your frames to 0. Definitely something that will force a server to restart, Lots of trouble.

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Which bomb is the nuke? I don't remember seeing or hearing about a nuke bomb. Also, which aircraft can carry it?


The NUKE is a bug not a actual bomb in Lock On.

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