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Where can i find cockpit panel images or graphics?


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i am trying to make a touch buddy profile for the A-10C.

anyone can tell me when i can find images of cockpit control panels?


i have shots of each panel, but because it is from the A-10C manual, it has the description arrows that are in the way of the image.


i have some screen shots, but i cant position the camera view to see the panels in that are further back.


i like to know if the guy that did the ipad A-10C control panel app has the images available, or where he got his images from..


help me so i can make a touch buddy profile!



find me on steam! username: Hannibal_A101A


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In this folder: Bazar\A-10C\Model\Textures there should be a ZIP filed called A-10C-CPT-TEXTURES.zip


In there, you'll find the panel and other A-10 textures (DDS and TGA formats).



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I wouldn't bother. There is a member on this forum who has developed a program called HawgTouch. It does the same but better. There are some really neat features in it like three position switches and you can include gauges etc... Its only been in development for a few months and its already a cracking bit of kit.


Only problem is that there is no designer for it at the moment, this means you have to edit an XML file to position your buttons and switches. (I have been told that once the program has settled a bit, a design interface will be built). Most of the panels have already been made and release for download.


A feature that I am waiting for and should be released pretty soon (maybe this week) is where it 'sends' commands directly to the Sim without the need for programming key presses. How easy will that be? You'll be able to download a panel pack, move them around as required and off you go! Try it at - http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=71729 although I would wait for the next release, its currently at 1.5


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