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So I finally have some free time here in Afghanistan and I'm trying to finish up a mission I started a while back. I'd like to get people's feedback on it.


Are you interested in flying a mission that can last 6 hours?


Are you interested in a mission that would require flight/element management?


Are you interested in a mission that would require you to perform multiple rearms and refuels?


Are you interested in a mission that penalizes you for not working as a team?


Are you interested in a mission that has highs and lows when it comes to combat?


Are you interested in a mission that would sometimes require you to loiter waiting for the enemy to appear?


Basically the mission is going to be fairly complex and dynamic. The idea behind it is that the mission would take roughly 6 hours to fully complete and proper management of aircraft, fuel and weapons would need to be taken into consideration. The mission would require a minimum of 4 pilots to have any chance of completing, having 8-12 is ideal.


I'm about 75% done so far, there are slightly over 200 attacking groups. They will randomly spawn based on number of pilots and airbases captured by Russia. With the right number of pilots, it will be easier to rotate aircraft in and out for rearm, repair and fuel. With a limited amount of pilots, you'll have to hope that you pick the right "lows" in combat to do the same.


Battles will take place accross the map, so you will not be circling one location plucking tanks. It may actually take you a good "minute" to get on station. There may also be multiple engagements at multiple locations on the map... do you have enough pilots, weapons and fuel?


I figure it's going to take me another 1-2 weeks to finish all of the triggers. I'd like to get your feedback, is this something that you're interested in? If so, is there anything in particular you would like to see in this mission?

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I am all for any new missions, so keep up the good work.


One question, how many pilot's are the "right amount of pilots"? Will 2-3 pilots be too few?

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Sounds great. Looking forward to flying it when you're done.



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All sounds good except I'm all for avoiding loitering. Its bad enough IRL without just flying in circles waiting in DCS imho. One way I got round this in a mission is to have radio calls as triggers e.g. Hawg11 awaiting further tasking means that the objective is complete & nothing is happening, so activate next round of action in trigger. For Multiplayer the only way to do this is to use Speeds chatiolib lua script.

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I answered "yes" to all your questions :) Sounds sorta like what I intend to eventually build up in Lua.

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