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More smoke

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I searched this forum and only found one thread that comes close to my question but doesn't answer it completely..


Does anyone know where I can find "smoke" parameters? Is there a .lua file where I can find anything about it?


I don't like the small smoke tower when I bomb something... It should be way higher like this or this. Bombing oil storage should result in hundreds of meters high black smoke!


Anyone know where/if it can be changed?

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added pics

System specs:


i7-8700K @stock speed - GTX 1080TI @ stock speed - AsRock Extreme4 Z370 - 32GB DDR4 @3GHz- 500GB SSD - 2TB nvme - 650W PSU

HP Reverb G1 v2 - Saitek Pro pedals - TM Warthog HOTAS - TM F/A-18 Grip - TM Cougar HOTAS (NN-Dan mod) & (throttle standalone mod) - VIRPIL VPC Rotor TCS Plus with ALPHA-L grip - Pointctrl & aux banks <-- must have for VR users!! - Andre's SimShaker Jetpad - Fully adjustable DIY playseat - VA+VAICOM


~ That nuke might not have been the best of ideas, Sir... the enemy is furious ~ GUMMBAH

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