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SSD Load times the same!!!!

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No offense Sir, but how could you be sure of that?


actually my first 40Mb HDD is still funning fine, and every others ones after it. (Ok i've killed one by plugging it on the wrong current supplier.)


I only trust what i see, and up do date, commons HDD have 25y+, can't say that for SSD... yet


I just typed SSD lifespan in Google and i must admit i will wait another 2 years sitting with Raid0 HDD/RamDisk.


I may be writing about 70Gb per day. I understand everyone has differents needs.



Anyway, i good luck Robski, i was lost at the second post. (mainly because i don't have a BIOS :music_whistling: )


EDIT : the Raid0 Hard drives i'm using are up since dec-2006. first 7200.10 perpendicular recording :D:D


All my Computer builds were motivated by the old puter hard drive failures, this is my second SSD (my vertex 2 was sold), none has failed me yet. So you get how my experience so far is. The SSD life is measured in MTFB values, however while it doesnt reflect the real time for average life expectancy, it IS significantly higher than a hard drive.


I cannot help you much if you want to see to believe it. But you risk waiting forever if you dont try, untill you decide to byte the bullet and have a go.


BUT BEWARE! Most SSD's like up to date motherboards such as sandforce chips being the most picky due to compatibility issues. The best time to purchase an SSD is when you buy a new rig. Thats the only disavantage of the SSD's...for now.


My PC specs below:

Case: Corsair 400C

PSU: SEASONIC SS-760XP2 760W Platinum

CPU: AMD RYZEN 3900X (12C/24T)

RAM: 32 GB 4266Mhz (two 2x8 kits) of trident Z RGB @3600Mhz CL 14 CR=1T


GFX: GTX 1080Ti MSI Gaming X

Cooler: NXZT Kraken X62 280mm AIO

Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2+6GB WD 6Gb red

HOTAS: Thrustmaster Warthog + CH pro pedals

Monitor: Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Freesync HDR400 1440P


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I have had my TEMP files written to my Intel SSD for a year now and with the "SSD Life" program where you can see the lifetime of the SSD is a calculated lifetime of the SSD to 8 years 5 months and 13 days...


I use my computer every day for at least 3-4 hours. So the potential problem of a short life of the SSD is not a problem at all. When that time has gone I have bought at least 3-4 new computers and then the OS is maybe Windows 10 and a 120Gb disk is not enough, so Im not worried that my SSD will fail for a loooong time.


And if you have a lot of RAM in the computer, the temp folder will not be used so much. You juat have to configure the system to not use a swap file.

If you have 16Gb RAM as I do now, I have around 11Gb free mem when I fly the sim.


The problem is that the temp files is writen to very often (writing to open files) and by that shortens the SSD's lifespan as sectors have maximum writes. If you plan to change the SSD every other year it's not a problem but moving Temp to a normal disk had no performance effect as far as I know.


OT: Did Robski solve the problem?



Redwine and dark rum makes you happy... Safe flights and happy landings.

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I'm using my computer about 14h per day. (When it' not me, my GF glady rush on it, as a Server hardware is always better than a laptop even if it's a mac :smilewink: )


But i can't deny you, having a 120Gb SSD is probably something you WILL replace very soon (at least way before it dies) because even with 400Gb free i feel sooooo bad inside.

Reading a post here in DCS forum some months ago made me bought 12GB overclockable Ram for the same price of about 250GB SSD. And i'm really happy with this (lifetime warranty :D )


But, ok i may try a SSD next year along with my next server workstation (or maybe i'll buy 64gb of ram instead :D )

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Made a performance test


I have changed my HDD into a SSD and I have measured the times of starting an own created mission (from pressing "Fly" until the paused game):


Not cached (= first time load) Cached

HDD 146 s 42 s

SDD 46 s 41 s


So, as you can see, the Cached times are the same. So I wouldn't suggest to buy a SSD for improving the load times of DCS.


Besides: I have also measured the performances with a tool:

HDD: 50 MB / s

SDD: 530 MB / s


I can also see in the windows performance monitoring that the HDD/SDD is absolutely not important/used.

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This thread wanders around quite a bit and it's hard to keep track of what's going on, but here's my two cents:


Some Gigabyte motherboards, probably yours as well, have SATA 3 ports controlled by a Marvell controller. Without going into the technical details, these ports are basically worthless unless you are using them for a non bootable data drive. If your SSD is plugged into one of these Marvell ports, especially if it's a bootable disc, you are going to have problems. If you've only got three drives(SSD, HD and disc drive), plug all of them into the Intel chip controlled SATA ports. The SATA 2 ports are faster than the Marvell ports anyway. I don't recall if the Marvell ports are blue or white, but there are only two of them.


You are running an SSD and HD in a RAID array? Forget that. If you are using the Gigabyte motherboard RAID in anything but a RAID 0, good luck. In fact, good luck with the RAID 0. If you are using an SSD, the BIOS should be set to AHCI. Don't use RAID or IDE. Hard drives and optical drives work in AHCI just fine. I don't know exactly how your system is configured, but don't expect 500Mbps between drives on the Gigabyte SATA 2 bus(or the Marvell SATA 3 bus, which is slower). Your BIOS and motherboard drivers should all be the latest version from the Gigabyte website.


You mention you have posted your problem on computer forums without significant response. You have to provide specific details about your system and the problems you are having. Without the proper information, nobody is going to be able to help you. A lot of people put their computer specs in their signature, that helps when somebody is trying to offer advice. These Gigabyte issues are well known, you should check into it.

Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P | i7-860 2.8Ghz | 16G Corsair Vengeance 1600 DDR3 | Asus GTX 750 Ti OC | 2 x Acer G235H | Samsung 850 256 GB | Windows 7 Pro 64bit | Saitek Cyborg Evo

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