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Are bridges stronger?


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I just ran a mission I made months ago with a buddy of mine, in this mission, you must blow up a rather large bridge to stop some forces from reaching a downed helicopter crash site.


When we ran this mission in A-10, the bridge would blow after two GBU-38's, we just dropped three in DCS World and it did nothing at all.


Not calling this a bug, perhaps they are stronger and if so, what should I use to blow them?

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Yes, they are most definitely "stronger". A bridge that took only 6-10 HE S-8 rockets to destroy in BS1 now takes 6-8 S-13 rockets to destroy in BS2 World. (40 HE S-8 rockets wouldn't even do it.)

The Hydras are pathetic wrt damage now and are less accurate, which is probably right in fairness.


The sound affects are definitely better but I'm not sure about the new strafe effects when viewed from the ground. The colours seem poorly chosen wrt the flashes.

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I think I remember them saying buildings where 10x stronger around the time CA came out.

I will try and find the link



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