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Weapon Loadout Menu Suggestion


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I LOVE the aesthetics, BUT

I would really love it if we could choose per-hardpoint which weapons we have

Obviously not all weapons work for all hardpoints

but it would be nice to have to option

Like what if I want to go into battle with 6 AIM-9's =P


Idk, when I see the sexy new loadout menu it makes me hard

but I still wish I could click on the weapon slots and have like...

a roll down menu with all the pictures of the weapons I could mount there

Just a thought, what does everyone else think?

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......it shows all your hardpoints and stuff, but you still only get to pick from a premade list of weapon loudouts


Huh? The rearming and refuelling menu allows you to load any possible stores configuration. On the A-10C that is well over 100,000 possible combinations (I forget the exact number and I forgot to note it down when I worked it out a while ago).



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