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  1. if you create an AQpoint via lasing+ store key - this will fix your view on one point.
  2. What is the standard radio frequency the Apache operates with? Can't set up the right one in the editor, for some AI mission briefing transmissions.
  3. Thanks for all your efforts! Sadly it still does not work. It gets stuck while loading the mission. When i saved the mission after working on it, dcs freezed . Maybe something went curropt there.
  4. Did not work out... sadly. I guess i have to create the mission again, but thanks!
  5. Can someone open this Missionfile, go into Triggers and delete the last one ( i belive) with the Music track " best of Ethan Meixwell" save it and send it back to me? Since i put this there i no longer can load the file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0r946xjk3f7u2w/NEW F16 KAUKASUS FABRIK an See.miz?dl=0
  6. First a buddy and in a later game it was me who could not lock a target via HTS . Out of nowhere. Non of the Signals worked anymore. -> in teh video: I locked the SA6 und suddently it went red ( 0:09) and i had no longer a lock- and could not lock anything else. i was using Tms up like always. Video: ( sry for the german Blabla) Trackfile https://www.file-upload.net/download-14756135/server-20211122-201416.trk.html
  7. When i set up a multiplayer game with lets say 3 waypoints/steerpoints - i have them visible on my hsd as line(s). My buddy which is in the same group as me should have them also visible right? Most of the time he has nothing. Yesterday he had the steerpoints shown as circles which he could "lock" via the cursor on his hsd (as soi) . Is that normal or do i set up something wrong in the editor?
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