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  1. You might be able to force the settings on in your settings menu under the gameplay tab using the 'FORCE GAMEPLAY AND MISC OPTIONS' check box.
  2. Scoring is: 50 for starting the mission. 15 for landing back at Khasab. There are then 7 separate scoring zones (5 point per zone for a total of 35), which IIRC you need to enter then report back to Overlord with the F10 menu. You will need to report all 7 to score 100. There is no requirement to destroy any of the targets in any of the zones.
  3. No probs, glad you got through it. This one can be tricky, I think I was feeling pretty devious when I made it.
  4. Hey, just checked the mission to remind myself. The kill condition requires the outpost structure itself to be destroyed, this is actually made up of two buildings, so make sure both are destroyed and all should be good. You will also still need to be tuned to 37.6 FM for the trigger to fire.
  5. Is there a specific point it keeps happening at? If so I can take a look at how many Manpads are active at that time. There has been anecdotal feedback that manpads have got harder to avoid in recent times so missions built before this update can be unbalanced a little. Now to be fair I've not flown the A-10 properly in ages as currently focused on Harrier and Viper, but despite any potential manpad difficulty increase I'm not having any major issues with flares decoying them provided I pump enough out. General advice is as always...stay high as often as you can, try to standoff with weapons as much as you can and I often find if you need to get low then get really low, hanging out a few thousand feet AGL is probably the worst place to be, the relative speed you move to the Manpad at lower attitudes can help spoof them easier.
  6. Harrier is nearly done, should be wrapped up in October at some point, just working on the last mission now. For the Viper rough ETA is second half of next year.
  7. Just tested, could not reproduce. There is nothing in the takeoff trigger that is influenced by the optional dialogue. I wonder if you forgot to request taxi in all the excitement? For the takeoff trigger to be added to the F10 menu you need: - To have requested taxi (so you are assigned a runway) - To be at the hold short for the instructed runway (05 in this case) - be on tower frequency
  8. Not much to share yet. It's still pretty early days, very rough eta is second half of next year.
  9. Will do thanks! Hopefully we'll see plenty more campaigns on Syria yet, it's such a good quality map.
  10. You need to be over the IP, which for the tank task is point Charlie I believe. Just make sure you are roughly over this point and on the right approximate heading when you press space bar. There is a little tolerance so doesn't have to be perfectly exact but get as close as you can and you should be ok.
  11. Yes that's correct, Tomban is about 2 mile NW of the airfield, and the tank is on the road heading for Tomban. It is moving though, so if it took a while to find it may have crossed into another box.
  12. Release version has had quite a few units chopped from the marine FOB so performance is better.
  13. Ok cheers, hopefully that will sort it. It's highlighted a slight vulnerability in the triggers so I'll look to patch that out soon.
  14. Ok, did this happen just once or on multiple attempts? The Blackjack will deactivate once landed, which is recorded as kill, but providing you've started the base scouting task then this won't count as an active flag blocks the trigger. Just checked the triggers - to enable the flag that prevents the despawn counting as a kill you need to press spacebar to clear this message: Proceed south and hold off the coast adjacent to Bassel Al Assad Airport. (N 35°24’34” E 35°56’55”). Press spacebar to remove this message and proceed. Can you confirm you pressed spacebar, the message would stay up a long time if you didn't. Couple of other things to check, there is a similar fail condition set a bit later involving some Mig-29s, most player don't get close to them but there is a scripted moment if you close on them. If these are either hit or if a missile is fired then the fail mission applies...so it's possible jettisoning a missile would fail the mission, can you confirm that neither of these occurred? From what you've described I don't think you're at that bit yet but worth checking.
  15. Hey, thanks for the comments. Unfortunately there's isn't anything like this built into this campaign, I added similar functionality into my subsequent campaigns but not this one. Something I might look at if I get the time in the future, but not currently planned I'm afraid.
  16. Hi, the mission will fail if the Blackjack is killed or hit, so it sounds like something is causing this to trigger when it lands. I've not has any other reports if this yet, so it's either a newly introduced bug that you're the first to see or potentially something conflicting on your system. Can I ask if you have any mods installed at all?
  17. Lol...SA is everything on this mission. It's easy for me as I built it but I marvel at how fighter pilots do it in real life.
  18. Altitude will keep you safe from MANPADS and AAA. To avoid the SAMs, mainly the SA10s at Damascus, you need to be in the area where the Growlers are jamming, mostly south/west of the target IIRC, if you get out of position things get dangerous quickly.
  19. Thanks, glad to hear you're enjoying. Getting 100 can be very difficult, it is certainly an achievement, we are all proud of you even if you're wife isn't . As for the radar, I'm well outside my area of expertise here and I've barely flown the Hornet since January. I suspect it's to do with the modelling and how it's been updated, there is some discussion about difficulties I saw today linked below. If anyone else a bot more knowledgeable than myself can weigh in that would be awesome.
  20. Yes to be cleared hot you need to be over the IP and on the right heading. IP for the first task on M5 is point 'Charlie' I believe (from memory so could be wrong), this is a road junction near the airbase, make sure you are roughly overhead when you press spacebar, and so long as the heading is roughly correct (there is a bit of leeway built in ) you will be cleared to attack. You can still destroy the target without clearance, you will just get a small telling off from the FAC but this possibility has been designed in.
  21. Thanks for the comments, more voice actors arrive in later missions.
  22. Ok thanks, at this point in the release both beta and stable should both be pretty similar from the campaigns point of view, possible though the latest update has introduced an issue into core DCS that is conflicting. But hopefully a clean up/update will resolve.
  23. I've not had any other reports of this, do you have any mods installed?
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