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  1. With the exception of Su25t, landings in LockOn are for the most experience simmers pretty easy.
  2. Dude, you took this poll too seriously. Noone in their right mind would trade his wife for an exclusive copy of Black Shark. At least not untill the final release with all the little bugs sorted out and everything.
  3. Poor Kuky, his wife must have been watching over his shoulder when he was typing.:D
  4. Ok. then you should vote for option Nr.2. We need to compensate for all those married people.
  5. This poll will give insight into the current state of mind of Lockon fans. Please feel free to vote!
  6. While we're at it, can someone please recommend me best online shop for toothbrushes? And if the link you provide me is broken, I'm gonna ask for another one.
  7. How engaging will the MP aspect of the sim be? Could beta testers shed some light based on their previous experiences? Will there be any changes to the current mission editor and if yes, what kind of changes? I'm especially interested to learn something more about the online gameplay. Thanks in advance, McNab
  8. Private McNab reporting for duty!:pilotfly:
  9. As for the BS release date, all I have to say is this: Eagle Dynamics is directing the foreplay and we're not allowed to have an orgasm untill they say so. :joystick:
  10. Why in the God's name, WHY do the 'arcady' shooters like for example COD4 look and feel so much, so much better then the 'ultra realistic hard core' games like Arma, AA, or OF? I'm not talking about hit damage etc. I'm talking about graphics and overall beauty of the game, even weapons. ArmA weapons IMO feel like crap, totally. Try the COD4 rifles and machineguns...:thumbup:
  11. I don't like them Mizzy. I think the default ones are better. P.S. I agree, the moment I saw the photos I thought they were edited. The colors just seem to artistic to me but then again, I could be wrong.
  12. Flanker would blast Raptor out of the sky and my dad would kick your dad's a$$ easily. (Runs away to the nearest bunker)
  13. LockOn is indeed getting more popular. I mean, you can see it all over the world, this game is spreading like some crazy virus:
  14. Happy Thanksgiving!:smartass:
  15. Yeah, I saw the same thing in the Quake3 trailer!
  16. And someone not wishing a happy birthday would be considered...? As far as I know Locsta didn't commit a crime, robbed a bank or anything like that, so, what's wrong with someone wishing him happy birthday?
  17. You're right on the money. Me and lots of other people. What's wrong with that? Am I supposed to feel embarassed or something? :) Hmm..don't really see your point here. Ok. You can't compare a guy who sat there for like an hour or two (tops!) playing the game with a beta tester who's playing it for months. That guy telling me to be patient..well, same goes for him as well. Nah I don't hate you. As I said, I appreaciate countless hours you spent with the game, but please understand our point of view, for a moment. We ARE jelaous! :D (At least I am:music_whistling:)
  18. All that "poor beta testers have a hard life" explanations put aside, it still doesn't beat my argument that says: 1. You as a beta tester have the game and play it (presumably) often and for (again presumably) a long time. As SUCH you're not in the same position as some other fans who've never played the game and been dreaming about it for 2 years or so. 2. You being at pain with the bugs etc..well, thats IMO small price to pay. Just ask people around who'd like to beta test it even if it's (to some extent) porked. You see, original LOMAC had tons of bugs, it was like an alfa release. Yet, lots of fans were patient and found some enjoyment in the game and stuck thru the patches and improvements, no matter how frustrating it was. What I would really liked to see, is beta testers refraining from preaching other members to be patient as it's kinda, with all due respect anoying. Thanks for spending hours on improving the game and contributing to its (sooner) release date, but please, don't come here and preach the fans for wanting the game to be released. ;)
  19. I agree. I look at this forum as a meeting place for all Lockon fans. If someone feels to post something OT, it's not a problem. It's not like if we met IRL on some convention or something we would be talking only Lockon, Lockon and Lockon..like some nerds.:D
  20. And this coming from a beta tester, a person who is playing the game all the time and who is as such, not really 'craving' for the release. ;) They've been working on it for quite a long time. I mean, it's fair to say during all this time they could have added some little improvements to the existing flyables. It's what most fans expect and, naturally, ask for it.:joystick:
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