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  1. Tell me if this not works to you Mustang. I am already corrected this bug (and hundreds more) in the internal nightly-dev ver. 2 months ago. I do not understand why this problem (and the similars such as that white-box-bugs) still persist. Ferris Scheme description.lua: livery = { {"f15nose", 0 ,"f15_nose_ferris",false}; {"f15nose", 3 ,"f15_decol_empty",true}; {"f15bottom", 0 ,"f15_bottom_ferris",false}; {"f15bottom", 3 ,"f15_decol_empty",true}; {"f15centr", 0 ,"f15_centr_ferris",false}; {"f15wingl", 0 ,"f15_wing_l_ferris",false}; {"f15wingl", 3 ,"f15_decol_empty",true}; {"f15wingr", 0 ,"f15_wing_r_ferris",false}; {"f15stab", 0 ,"f15_stab_v_ferris",false}; {"f15stab", 3 ,"f15_decol_empty",true}; --{"f15numbers", 0 ,"f15_numbers_ferris",false}; {"f15numbers", 0 ,"f15_decol_empty",true}; {"pilot_F15_patch", 0 ,"pilot_F15_patch_65A_sqdn",true}; {"pilot_F15_00_body", 0 ,"pilot_f15_00_a",true}; {"f15PTB", 0 ,"f15_PTB_ferris",false}; } --countries = {"USA"}
  2. You should check Relationships/Entities (Hierarchy) in the "Schematic View" window.
  3. Good luck to the team: have patience and persistence.
  4. Nice screenshot... and nice textures... so, is that the current / latest Caucasus Texture DLC by Starway ? Interesting paint on that old B-707 model :) but nice skins both. :thumbup:
  5. Fantasy ? Here it goes: Swing baby, swing :D DCS: F-24 Raptcat
  6. Welcome in the club and have a great birthday. :thumbup: Try not to be a pernicious flightoholic :smilewink:
  7. :hehe: I know that feeling Dave. In the last 3 years I spent approx. $30K indirectly to this "hobby" :D So what do you think how "mad" was my wife ? :chair:
  8. okay, let me see which aircraft did you use when you ejected ? BTW: you should check it again, coz pilot in the seat uses pilot_su.dds but pilot under the chute uses pilot_su.bmp.dds probably this cause the problem (on your side)
  9. You need pilot_su.bmp.dds in Bazar\World\textures\Su-25_common_textures.zip ;) Have a nice texturing :)
  10. Hehe :lol: Yeah, :D Exactly what I thought: those went to some non public/closed forum pages ...and that's why I put there the BigGrin smiley ;)
  11. Steve Davies in the forum :thumbsup: Great, but where are your other 1100 posts Steve ? I would like to read those all :D
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