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  1. Thx Mate Have been looking around for this - Is this file still valid and good to go??
  2. saw that post but dident think thats were the problem, i was wrong :) Thanks a bunch mate
  3. Hi have been away for a looong time:) Now i have instald Lock-On FC on my vista 64, and every time when i try to start it i only get a glims of the loading screen and i get my desktop agein, the game is running with sound and all, but i cant open it, if i try i only get puched back to desktop, when i chesk in program maneger the geme is stated as running. Any solution out there?? i have the patch 112 instald
  4. Hi and thx for replying:) My axis settings isent the problem, i have checed those already, i think i rememberd reading about ppl having this same problem on the x35 back in the oldays when LockON was released first time, and th solution to this problem was fair easy, but im old and dont remember that well:p Oh well i give it a few more tryes if not ill try to reinstal the game. Not that many ppl here anymore?? so few replays to my post :)
  5. My X45 is good in windows, but in game, my x45 is senterd down in the right corner, and i cant senter it anyone have the solution for that problem?? PLease help, i havent playd LockON FC for a long time now :) I have Vista 64bit, and all the latest drivers for my saitek X45 Per Bjarte
  6. well there is one training mission over at the http://www.flankertrainig.com , u have to update some system files to get it in to the training folder, i cant remember what and how, but Ironhand makes the best training missions ever:), and u can find them there
  7. I use the Omega drivers and they works greath for me in LockON, the best drivers i have tryed. I had problems with LockON crashing every 20 minuts, with the ATI drivers, but with the Omega driver everything works wery well
  8. Havent seen any posts from him here, at UBIs or in the Saitek forum for a long time, dont think hes around anymore:(
  9. I have a modefied profile, based on Precogs, and it works fine for me in 1.1, but i mostly fly US planes, so i dont know howe it will work on the other planes. I havent modefied it for the SU25T yet, but i will over the next coupel of weeks. But if u are interested in the profile i use now, i can send it to u
  10. Go to the "PILOTS" filen in \LockOn\PilotLogBook, find ur pilot there and put "STATUS" back to "1", and save the file. U can open the file with notepad
  11. I ordered my copy of FC from RCS a few days ago, and got the best service ever. I live in Norway, so if the price is over £15 i have to pay taxes for it, but kindly as they are at RCS the split the bill for me so now i don’t have to pay 25% tax on FC
  12. Ironhand My vote goes to IRONHAND, he has done so mutch for us nobs. He has made many good training tracks for us http://flankertraining.com/ironhand/index.html
  13. Just plased a order of LockON at RCS, and what a good service they have. Cant wait for my copy to drop in
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