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  1. thanks, even if we can't find the actual font, that graphic should help. if all else fails, I can copy and paste those numbers.
  2. My head tracker makes me motion sick, and the POV hat on my stick is clunky for manipulating the Jester menu, so I'm working on a custom keypad for it. What font is used for the interface in game? I'm trying to match the look as best I can.
  3. They used -7Es during some of the early flight tests, because they were cheaper then the -7Fs which were brand new at the time. Prototype #6 was using -7Es during the inverted drop test that led to its crash.
  4. 9thHunt

    AIM-54 liveries

    A bunch of my downloaded early F-14 liveries have custom white textures for the Phoenix missiles, but those are redundant now that HB have fixed the textures on the AIM-54As. Also, as cool as they are, it kinda bugs me when the missile changes back to the stock textures when it drops off the rail, What do I need to change in the description file to allow the liveries to use the stock phoenix textures?
  5. I do like the new keybinds and textures, but I noticed some issues with the new emergency wing sweep lever axis, as detailed in my bug thread here: Also, one keybind that still needs to be added is an "speedbreak open else closed" option for those of us who still use the X-55/56 HOTAS.
  6. I noticed a couple of issues with the new emergency wing sweep bindings. First off, initially, if you try to use the axis without pulling the handle out of the detent, it glitches, flickering between full spread and the axis position. I noticed this because I initially forgot to bind the pull/push toggle. I don't know if this was an artifact of not having that bound, but it went away after I bound the pull/push control and pulled the handle before moving it the first time. Once I had that figured out though, I noticed another issue. The lever now follows your axis position regardless of whether or not the lever is pulled out of the detent, and does not follow the wings. This is probably a good question for an SME, but my understanding is that the lever normally is locked to the wing position when in the detent.
  7. fly over the building, roll inverted, safe pilot ejection seat, pull ejection handle, boom. The best way to target buildings with Jester.
  8. the pitch ladder on the tomcat is offset 5° from the horizon, IIRC it is for better visibility
  9. The AIM-7M and AIM-9M are far from useless. The Tomcat is still plenty deadly with out the Phoenix. I get most of my kills with the Sparrow.
  10. it's worth noting that the LSO on the SC is optimized for the Hornet. As awesome as the A-4 mod is, it is a mod, the authors had to reverse engineer the SC functionality, so I would expect some issues like this. For a beginner, I'd strongly recommend using the Hornet to learn how to trap. I wasn't offering a solution to the bug, just a procedure to avoid an inflight engagement or a bad trap. Assuming you get waved off as you cross the ramp, you ought to have just enough time to throw the hook switch before you're in the wires.
  11. well, if you hit the one wire, it probably means that you were too low when he waved you off. I think in cases like this, if you can't safely wave off, you have to take the bolter and go around. To avoid engaging the wires, slap your hook switch up before you hit the deck.
  12. thanks, that was actually helpful. it gave me a better understanding of the limitations of the airframe. It can still peg the G-meter, but I'm less likely to snap the wings off.
  13. All of a sudden, DCS isn't seeing my X56 throttle. It still sees the stick, and both are showing up in the X56 HOTAS programming software, but it doesn't show as an available controller in DCS. It worked just fine last night and I haven't changed anything since. EDIT: Okay, apparently switching it to a different USB Port seemed to help.
  14. I'm constantly snapping wings off my tomcats by pulling too many Gs in the vertical, which must be something because I've heard Grumman test pilots say in interviews that they were amazed at how many Gs the wings could take. So, I'm starting to wonder if my stick curves are the problem. I had been running a basic +25% pitch curve for a while, zeroing the curve out has helped a little, but it still happens easier then I'd like. Does anyone know of a good curve that works?
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