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  1. Sorry that didn't help. I should have asked what your settings were. I have all other AMD settings like this: Anti-Aliasing Anti-Aliasing Mode - Use application settings Anti-Aliasing Samples - Use application settings Filter - Standard Anti-Aliasing Method - Multisampling Morphological Filtering - Off Texture Filtering Anisotropic Filtering Mode - Use application settings Anisotropic Filtering Level - Use application settings Texture Filtering Quality - Standard Surface Format Optimization - On Frame Rate Control Wait for Vertical Refresh - Off, unless application specifies OpenGL Triple Buffering - Off Tessellation Tessellation Mode - Use application settings Maximum Tessellation Level - Use application settings I hope this gets resolved with the next patch.
  2. Try this Hey back at you, I've been there and I feel your pain. Bought a new Sapphire R9 390 about 2 weeks ago for the enhanced experience. Same results you describe. I must have installed and deleted 2.0 at least (6) times trying to figure out why it kept freezing (white screen - DCS error) when 1.5.2 was working fine. As it turns out, 2.0 didn't want to run if MSAA is set to 8xQ or 16xQ. For kicks please try setting MSAA to 8x or 16x and let us know the results. Incidentally, looking at the logs and the graphics errors is what gave me a hint to try lower MSAA setting. Oh, and by the way, you're going to love the results if it works.
  3. Although Shein's profile is an excellent starting point, I believe he intentionally simplified the programming for the users personal customization. I suggest you map the K1 Up and K1 Down button for Speed brakes. It's simple and it works as intended. You'll probably need to go into your in game "options" and modify the keypresses by adding additional commands to what Shein uses. You don't need to delete his keypresses, just add your own. For example, (Ctrl-B) for speed brake out, (Shift-B) for speed brake in. Then open Shein's profile in the RHINO software and add the commands to the K1 buttons. Look in your Users/Public/Public Documents/Mad Catz/ folder to find it if you're running Windows. An excellent tutorial in using the RHINO software can be found here:
  4. Unfortunately, Whiskey I agree with Flagrum on this issue. I have the X-55 and it does not function the way yours does. DCS does differentiate between them. Even though the Throttle and Stick have the same names for axis designation (Joystick_X, Joystick_Y), they function independently in game and in the software. When I first installed the drivers, the throttle wasn't able to save a profile in the Rhino software. Turns out my initial problem was with driver installation. They were plugged in before the software was installed. I strongly suggest that you uninstall the drivers and software, unplug your X-55 (both Throttle and Joystick) and re-install. Don't plug anything in until the software requests it. I do understand that DCS is seeing all of your devices, but there is obviously an issue with the drivers.
  5. Np dooom. I was just thinking, you may need to add - > unit within pitch parameters as well if you only want recon to take the photo during level flight.
  6. Have you tried? CONTINUOUS - >FLAG X ON AND unit within bank parameters -10/-180 OR FLAG X ON AND unit within bank parameters 10/180>FLAG X OFF
  7. You can find an example here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1770885&postcount=718 As you can see after downloading, this particular autoexec.cfg sets the Max FPS to 30. Edit it to your liking. Also, check out the graphics_readme.txt again to see how to add additional parameters you prefer to override instead of using the in game GUI option settings.
  8. Ahhh, I see. Thanks for this helpful info and the mission.
  9. Thanks for the effort put into this. I think the concept is great and hope to have enough time to join into the battle at some point. Out of curiosity, I took a look at the triggers you used to set up the scoring and noticed that the first two triggers don't have start conditions. Is this intentional? If so, how are you actually getting Mist and sct2 to run?
  10. My apologies to anyone that tried the autoexec.cfg file posted above to use the new texture install method as explained in the graphics_readme.txt file. I'm not sure why the previous method seemed to work at first, but I too still had missing textures after checking again. Turns out my interpretation of how to use table.insert in lua was incorrect (I didn't understand it well enough). The textures I thought were working weren't actually there. To create an autoexec.cfg file for textures, you simply need to follow the example and use the table.insert command for each added texture. Example: Create a text file and name it autoexec.cfg Place the text file in your 'C:\Users\<YOUR-LOGIN>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\' folder (as instructed in the readme) Add the table.insert line for each new texture added, such as: table.insert(options.graphics.VFSTexturePaths, "./Bazar/World/textures/Killermachine_Su-33") Save the file. That's it. No worries when updates occur in the future. I attached my new autoexec.cfg file as a further example. I'm certain that this one works.:smilewink: Alternatively, It will also work by simply creating a MyTextures folder in the 'C:\Users\<YOUR-LOGIN>\Saved Games\DCS\' directory and simply putting your "newtexture.zip" file there. After that, instruct the table.insert command in autoexec.cfg to load textures from that location. Example: table.insert(options.graphics.VFSTexturePaths, "c:/User/<Your-Login>/Saved Games/DCS/MyTextures/newtexture") autoexec.cfg
  11. Latest patches removed the old graphics.cfg. If you still have that file, it's contributing to the missing textures problem. I experienced the missing textures with the Su-30 installation alongside the Su-33 as well, but using the new autoexec.cfg file posted above allowed them to co-exist with all textures for both planes. Without using the new graphics method, I could only get all textures for one plane, but not the other. Instructions for new graphic texture installation are in the graphics_readme.txt file. I've appended those instructions within the autoexec.cfg file in post #711. Try un-installing the Su-30 first and see if you've got all textures and skins for the Su-33. If OK, proceed by trying either of the methods used in the previous posts to get the Su-30 installed. Proper placement of this line will correct Su-33 textures: "./Bazar/World/textures/Killermachine_Su-33", Proper placement of this line will correct Su-30 textures: "./Bazar/World/textures/Su-30M2",
  12. Not sure why it didn't work for you, but at least you got the textures installed. Guess you'll just have to back up the graphics.lua file and re-install the lines after updates.
  13. The graphics_readme.txt file is in the same directory as the graphics.lua file and gives a brief explanation of how to do it. You can try figuring it out, or, just try putting the following file in your C:\Users\<YOUR-LOGIN>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\ directory.
  14. Thanks Foxfire for taking the time to figure this out.:thumbup:
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