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  1. I had the error code -13 quite consistently a few days back. It was fixed on my end by clicking "search for extra files after repair" in the DCS Updater and repairing once more. Turned out I had some old reshade .dlls inside the DCS main folder. After deleting those files, OpenXR has worked for me.
  2. +1 on experiencing the CBU-105 dropping long. In my experience about 500 feet in zero wind conditions dropped from 10k or 20k feet.
  3. Seems like something changed in the shaders in the latest Open Beta. After the update to Open Beta I'm getting this error message when using the (otherwise excellent) VR Shaders mod: I get the same error message with the original Kegetys mod and speed-of-heat's clear water variant as well as the hotfix for 2.7.6.
  4. I think it depends on your Windows user account security settings. Perhaps try launching DCS as administrator. Personally, once I found settings that I liked I just edited ReShadePreset.ini in the \bin folder.
  5. Another observation that I made during takeoff: If you apply roll trim using the trim wheel (on the left panel) instead of the trim hat on the stick, the trim wheel does not reset during takeoff. However, the trim indicator (the gauge next to the trim wheel) resets to zero during the takeoff roll, so that there is a discrepancy between the wheel and the indicator. Once airborne (or perhaps when the gear is up), the trim indicator jumps back to the same non-zero value as before it reset.
  6. You can set system time exactly the same way by overriding the default values with the ICP keypad and pressing ENTR.
  7. When applying roll trim before takeoff (e.g. due to an asymmetric stores load), the roll trim resets/centers during acceleration with the wheels still on the ground. With an asymmetric stores load, this causes the aircraft to roll at lift-off. I've read in the manual, that PITCH trim centers when ground speed exceeds 60 knots, but this is not mentioned for ROLL trim. In fact, the manual says that roll trim should be applied before takeoff in case of asymmetric loads to prevent wing drop. Usual caveats: I've never flown the Viper IRL, nor do I know the inner workings of the FLCS, but I suspect this behavior to be incorrect since it negates the use of roll trim at takeoff. I couldn't find this particular trim behavior reported in the forum, but please ignore, if it already has been reported. 1. Spawn on runway with an asymmetric loadout 2. Set roll trim away from center (using the trim hat on the stick) 3. Advance throttle 4. Takeoff (hopefully) I've attached a short track file (pardon my messy takeoff). It's recorded in VR so the default camera views are a bit wobbly. Press [RAlt]+4 twice, [RAlt]+2 twice and move the camera left to taste in order to see the roll trim wheel reset by itself. Roll trim.trk
  8. Thanks for posting Lace. I also struggled with the MiG-29s and the Sidewinders. The most reliable tactic for me was to stay back in SAM cover and keep the Redfor occupied while having the SAMs take them out. For some reason the Su-25s tended to egress by flying over the Hawk batteries, which most often proved fatal.
  9. I think for some reason that those "Bomb in zone" triggers don't really work for mission goals. Another thing is that it will only test if the bomb is inside the zone at some point - not that the bomb actually hit the runway. As for the latter part, the thread below discusses how to check for runway damage. A bit more involved than what I thought it would be. In any case, the mission scoring isn't crucial, although it is nice to have some built-in battle damage assessment.
  10. Thanks for continuing this enjoyable line of missions Lace. I really like mission 7 because it's so technically demanding due to the low visibility conditions. It takes a lot of precision to line up correctly with the target, and an instrument landing in such low visibility always carries challenges of its own. I've flown it a few times, but never managed to get any points under "Results", even though I've had a good number of hits on the runway. Perhaps I'm being overly confident that they were good hits or perhaps the mission goal triggers aren't working quite right.
  11. You're not doing anything wrong, it's a feature of the mission editor. The list of aircraft is dependent on the task chosen, which can be unfortunate for multi-role aircraft. You might (just might) be able to edit the aircraft in the mission file itself afterwards, but from my experience I would not expect things to work 100%. From the DCS manual (page 124): http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/223750/manuals/ED_GUI_Manual_EN.pdf?t=1509720393
  12. I had those errors in my logs too, when DCS suddenly started crashing. For me it has helped to roll back Windows Update KB4589212, which was installed on my rig earlier this week: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/270049-windows-woes-random-ctd-fixed-by-rolling-back-win10-update-kb4589212-intel-microcode-update/?tab=comments#comment-4646556
  13. In case it can help anyone: In late March my otherwise fairly stable rig suddenly had massive stuttering and random crashes in DCS. I went through the usual process with mods, repairs, removing OC's and what not. I finally figured out that Windows Update had installed a number of update packages around the time the problems had started. Rolling back these updates restored stability. After a month of stability I suddenly started getting random CTDs in DCS (now version 2.7) again earlier this week. Sometimes with an error log, sometimes without a log. The error log would usually show errors relating to video drivers: EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19042) EDCORE: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_7d91b2ed40558a26\nvwgf2umx.dll EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 6B88A9F3 00:00000000 After going through the first steps of disabling mods etc. I remembered my problems from March and looked for Windows Updates. It turned out that one of the packages from March had been reinstalled. Rolling back that particular update restored stability once again. The update was KB4589212, which apparently is the latest microcode updates for Intel processors, and for some reason does not really work well in DCS for my rig (specs below). Hardly a long term fix, but perhaps rolling back that update can help someone else. Specs: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 10.0.19042 Build 19042 i7-9700K CPU @ 4.9GHz, 32MB RAM, RTX 2080 (drivers 466.11), HP Reverb G2 Running DCS Open Beta
  14. Well, color me impressed! Thanks for the very solid update! Performance is good... and those clouds... I first loaded an Instant Action mission for the Viper on the Caucasus map. A thin layer of clouds, which looked a bit pixelated and ok-ish, but nothing more. I then loaded up the mission editor and tried a preset for broken clouds. Immediately impressed with the perception of depth of the clouds and I had an enjoyable time zooming around from cloud to cloud. I finally loaded up a preset for overcast and rain and added some wind to the mix. Mind blown! The rain sounds, the claustrophobic cloud layers, and that wonderful relief of finally breaking out of the clouds at 15,000 feet - all amazing! Well done!
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