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  1. Glad to be of help. I do occasionally have a play with them - but normally end up back from where I started.
  2. Currently using TM T.Flight pedals - which seem adequate. I find if I apply pedal then just as the nose starts to yaw I ease up a slight bit it is controllable. If I get 'hard' yaws make an input and let it settle - takes some nerve at first to avoid chasing the movement.....
  3. Hi @JOEM423... In order to get back to your request (as opposed to a discussion whether curves are good/bad, unrealistic if you wish to fly a real AH (trying to ignore the statement about making your life easier - it is a game after all!) etc...see below. They are what I use, with a standard TM HOTAS setup - with the stick/cyclic set to the right of my chair. I found someone elses custom curves elsewhere in the forums - which I used as a starting point - so you should do the same - and tweak them until you feel right. The idea behind my curves is a 'soft cushion' around the centre point but then emulates linearity as you go outside this. In addition I also have a slight curve on my collective - to try to reduce the 'Rotors' warning when I pull pole at hot/high locations (initially set up a training flight in Nevada - then transferred it to Caucasus - makes a helluva difference). Without curves I found that what felt right in one situation didn't work in another, and the below certainly helped... Yaw: Pitch/Roll:
  4. Don't be. I had similar misgivings, and initially set up flight control and trim mapping only (ignoring all things weapons/sights), then created a hot start free flight mission just to get a feel of things. Still practicing starts, take off, circuits and landings, with the occasional training mission thrown in to start mapping weapons controls in the front seat.
  5. Likewise here...intended for low speed/local air data for feed into Fire Control System. Correct term is HADS probe.
  6. Well that is odd, as the gun didn't function from the CPG seat until I raised the trigger guard. Will refly the mission and check - but had the same problem a few times whereby the gun wouldn't fire from CPG station - and cannot think why I would have been trying to fire from the pilots pos - as the initial steps of the training mission are all CPG. Definitely had a screen with handgrips either side staring at me.
  7. @dburne think you may be in the same boat as me. All lined up - target visually acquired, lased, lased and lased again. Switched to guns....annnnnd...nothing. Went round the buoy a few times on this. DO NOT FORGET to map the trigger guard open/close function and then open it - otherwise nothing happens...
  8. W, S, A, D - A and D - if pushed and held will move the heading pointer around the compass. W and S - if pressed briefly will increase/decrease speed - is pressed and held will adjust the height. I think! Just done the gun training missions and by the time I had figured out how to send commands to George couldn't figure out how to get the gun online!
  9. Currently using TM Flight Pedals - which seem OK once use to them and tuned correctly. Have set them up with custom curves, and to be honest they perform fine - albeit still learning to fly the AH - but getting easier by the hour... Think everyone is forgetting the AH is old technology - first flown in mid 70's so the DCS model is 30 years in the making. Up close and personal the flying controls are pretty agricultural, and quite heavy - so when people are comparing them with something like a Gazelle - there is no comparison as such.
  10. Same boat! Still getting to grips with basic manoeuvres - lots of rolling take off, banking turns and an attempt to land at a place of my choosing - not where the aircraft takes me - normally resulting in No1 Eng destruction. For now going with leaving it off, then after a flight turning it on to see where all my various trimming inputs have 'centred' the controls. Normally find the pedals are slightly left pedal forward and the cyclic about a third of the way fwd pitch close to centre.
  11. Likewise. I had it printed by an online printer service. Tad pricey but worth it. Used craftcloud - that give you loads of options (too many if a novice in my view) - with good customer support. First print arrived warped so a new one was printed and dispatched at no extra cost.
  12. Hi @Pepsi Link for the .STL files here (another post where someone else asked for them). A word of caution - I had mine printed out remotely - and the left edge kept distorting/warping - although once on the screen and the MFD screwed on flattened out nicely. One solution may be to increase the thickness to 3mm from 2mm.
  13. I believe it was posted in AH (with a reference to A10), having searched for any similar issues, but thanks.
  14. Obviously! Mebbe you could request 'Multi-display Helios Touch Only (cos nothing else counts)'...
  15. See attached. Mission hot start. Engines shut down. APU off. Battery off... MFD Remaining On.trk
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