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  1. I do like how your last 3 missions are basically the plot of Top Gun 1 and 2
  2. Can we attack the package in a F/A-18 and then play the escape mission as a red F-14A? Thanks.
  3. I don't understand why someone would get upset by people wanting to fly without CFTs. I think the point of the simulator is to emulate the technical specs of an airplane and be able to do things that the military does as well as experiment with things you would never see in real life. An example would be a P51 dogfighting a F-16.
  4. Found the issue. If I drop JSOW when they tell you to but before it comes up as a mission objective it breaks the mission. The voice acting tells you to target waypoint 3 before the mission prompt.
  5. The mission is failing as the JSOW is flying to the designated target.
  6. When you play a busy mission with a lot of objects, the 5800x3d makes a huge difference from the 5800x. I'm cpu bound less often. I have motion smoothing always on because of DCS's frame pacing issues. If the multithreaded optimization allows us to hit 90 FPS at low settings, will again become GPU bound.
  7. I want to fire 2 AIM-54s at the same target or same 2 targets.
  8. I sincerely hope that the early access release is imminent following the recent videos. The hype train is getting to be too much.
  9. I'm basically blind until the target gets into visual. This is even happening in STT. If I have someone locked up he will lose lock. It will happen like clockwork even with the target nose on at angels 30.
  10. Does this just dump RAM or VRAM as well. Even a 3080 Ti will fill up its VRAM.
  11. If you switch to rockets and back to guns your ai copilot gunner breaks now.
  12. With SteamVR MR always on there is slight artifacting in the P-51 propeller but it's mostly smooth. In OpenXR and the same FPS the gunsight becomes a mess. Night and day difference.
  13. Is there any fix to the motion reprojection implementation in OpenXR. It has a lot more artifacts than SteamVR.
  14. I think if OpenXR tools gets a mode where we can set a hard lock at 45 FPS without activating reprojection it will be better than SteamVR. I can already see a better raw FPS than SteamVR. Unfortunately OpenXR's motion reprojection is awful compared to SteamVR. I want to just be able to lock in at a half FPS rather than it jumping between 45/90. The problem is that DCS struggles to stay at 90 when it's not busy. If you pump up the graphics to lock it at 45, it becomes a mess on a busy Supercarrier. Being able to have to hard lock the FPS would fix this.
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