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  1. I am having similar sudden HUGE fps drops that almost not recover, or sometimes take a while to recover. The FPS nosedive to 12/slideshow level. When our group spawns an Apache, my FPS tanks. But that is not always the reason. Am flying on our group's NTTR map and sometimes also get CPU-bound 2-msec messages while looking around with Open-XR FPS overlay switched on. I am also trying to see if I can find a tool that helps me diagnose and understand my FPS usage. Am not 100% sure it is DCS that is causing it. Maybe something else in the PC is messing things up for me. I have been tweaking a lot the last few weeks since I was also getting unexplained server disconnects, which got the ball rolling. Very curious if somebody found a working solution.
  2. So while sitting in a hog on our server doing nothing for a while (was monitoring network stability) I noticed that my FPS slowly started dropping down to about 11 and it stayed there. I checked my monitoring tool and noticed this strange pattern where my frametimes slowly increased, while I was not doing anything in the sim. See attached screenshot. I disconnected from the server and went back to the server list, but the VR performance stayed bad also in the multiplayer screen. I would assume that it would drop back to normal, but only when I fully backed out of the server list to the DCS main screen my FPS and frametimes restored back to normal. Anybody have any idea what is going on there?
  3. Great work! @nikoel might be nice to add this to your first posting?
  4. Inside the G2 I only manage AAR without NVG's when I crank up the gamma.
  5. Where can I find this setting? Would like to try myself as well.
  6. Please share a bit more information on how to actually do this. Have never edited lua's before. Are they overwritten during OB patches? Thanks,
  7. Hi, I understand the clock and the radio preset indicator should be connected to the flight instruments lights dial, but they are not? During night ops these two items shine very bright, while everything else can be tuned down nicely. Especially very noticeable in VR night ops. Posted it last year in the wishlist:
  8. Hi I haven't seen it yet in any OB patch if I am correct. Any ETA? Thanks!
  9. Within the latest Stable update there was a HOTAS shortcut included for Ready Precontact. Could there also be a shortcut be included for 'Approaching for Refuel' and possibly 'Abort Refuel'? This way all Tanker comms can be done with the HOTAS. Thanks,
  10. Ready

    Pilot body

    It is somewhat possible, just for a little bit. Switch external camera and move it to free camera and move the camera towards the helmet. F2 view shows the pilot body.
  11. Am going to run the Albedo only part with OXR. Any other parts of the Shader mod or other visual improvement mods worth adding on top? Haven't played yet with the new settings in the OXR Toolkit.
  12. So OXR and a stripped down shader mod just for Albedo SS? Is that working?
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