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  1. Awesome idea, long overdue. How else are my burger patties going to arrive on time?
  2. Likely not, just because something has been retired doesn't mean enough of its documentation is going to be made public. And even then, just because something has had enough of its documentation made public, a module might still be a while off. Examples: Mudhen, Phantom, a ton of planes from ww2, etc
  3. Just pitching in to add my support for DiCE, it's genuinely an incredibly useful tool that has saved me time and frustration. If allowing the file to pass IC is too much to ask, then at the very least, some basic DTC functionality would be very welcome.
  4. Random question, who made the trailer? Was it Adrian Caparzo? It looks like his style of video
  5. Personally, I think that FSR will be an incredibly useful addition to DCS, especially for people with lower end computers. Disclaimer: I'm not a developer so this information may not be accurate, please take it with a grain of salt. What is FSR? As I understand it, FSR, or FidelityFX Super Resolution, is AMD's alternative to Nvidia's DLSS. Both make the game look like it's running at a higher resolution than it really is, albeit with different methods. For example, the game can render at 720p, but FSR will increase the resolution and fill in the blanks to produce a 1080p output. It's a way of improving frame rates while trying to have a minimal impact on graphics quality. Everyone can benefit from it, especially those with lower end computers. So it's AMD's technology? What about Nvidia users? Unlike Nvidia's DLSS, which only works on high-end Nvidia cards, FSR will work on a much wider range of devices, including Nvidia ones. It will work on the Radeon RX 400 and up, Ryzen 2000-series APU's, as well as Nvidia's GTX 10, 16, and RTX 20, and 30 series cards. Also unlike DLSS, FSR is open source and not proprietary. How difficult would it be to implement? For other games, it has taken from as low as two hours to as long as a few days. Of course, DCS doesn't use a common game engine like Unity or Unreal, so it would likely take longer, but from what other developers have been saying it seems relatively straightforward to implement. Conclusion I'm sure I, as well as many other DCS users would greatly benefit from FSR being added to DCS, as it would be an excellent way of improving performance for everyone, while taking (apparently) only a small amount of effort to implement. Thanks. For more information, check out AMD's page on FSR.
  6. Does the burble affect other modules as well or just the Tomcat?
  7. Thanks BN, was this something added in 2.7? I did the same mission in 2.5 and it seems to be able to detect the ship at the same altitude.
  8. Hi, ever since the 2.7 open beta update the SEA radar seems to not be able to pick up ships unless they're close enough to be seen by the naked eye. I've attached a track and the mission I'm using, but the issue persists in different missions. The ship is definitely in range since it can faintly be seen in MAP mode, but in SEA mode, nothing shows up. After running a slow repair + removing extra files & making a new Saved Games folder, the issue still persists. Specs: i5-9300H @ 4.0 GHz 32 GB DDR4 @ 2666 mhz GTX 1650 w/ 4 GB GDDR5 1 TB NVMe SSD Screenshots: Faint spot showing ship appears in MAP mode... ...but nothing shows up in SEA mode Broken SEA Radar.trk Harpoon Practice.miz
  9. It's really not important compared to a lot of other features, but a music player like that on the JF-17 or F-14 would be pretty cool imo. Really sucks to have to use win + g to play music via spotify. Thanks
  10. You can find all of his campaigns on the r/ForestRat subreddit.
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