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  1. For some reason my throttle bindings were set to default after the latest patch, although it is generally not an issue I face on a regular basis. My joystick settings were untouched. Edit: I fly the F16.
  2. I wasn't sure where else to post this and it might not necessarily be a bug. I've been modifying my HOTAS and have been doing a lot of testing recently, particularly with the TGP. I've noticed that when very close to targets (e.g. flying overhead when dropping GBUs, or zoomed in at close range) that the image is very jittery when the radar cursors are being moved. Without touching the radar cursors the TGP tracks smoothly. At long range, while the problem may be present, it isn't really an issue. It could very well be limited to my setup. I would be very interested to hear if others can observe this with their setups or if it is just me. I've attached tracks with the F16C and A10C II demonstrating this behavior. Thanks. Edit: I just did the same test but instead of using my HOTAS, I bound the RDR cursor to the keyboard (to rule out any obvious sensor-related issues). This also produces comparable amounts of jitter (on my system); it might be some type of sampling/polling issue. I think it deserves further investigation. testTGP_A10CII.trk testTGP_F16C.trk
  3. TMS long button presses must first be released before the mode change is initiated. This can be observed in the following scenarios: - TMS Right when FCR is SOI (switching between RWS and TWS) - TMS Up when HUD is SOI and wanting to select the HMCS for markpoint creation It was claimed here that this behavior is not correct: I'd ask this to be referred to the team to see if this behavior is in fact correct. Interestingly, DMS Down long to blank the HMD works as I would expect it to; the HMD goes blank while the button is still being pressed providing visual feedback that you can release it. You can test this behavior in any instant action mission.
  4. Sorry to hijack, but I found your last point very interesting that TMS long doesn't have to wait for the button to be released. I definitely have found this a bit frustrating (also for setting HMCS to SOI). It would be nice if the system responded after 0.5s giving the user visual feedback to release the button. I can't find a bug report for this; maybe it should be reported if it hasn't been already.
  5. You have to provide power to the HAD (SNSR PWR Left Hardpoint).
  6. I was on a MP server taxiing behind a Hornet and noticed that the heat blur effect (set to High on my machine) was being applied to the HUD in my F16. I'm not sure if it is specific to the F16, but I would guess it isn't. I wouldn't expect my HUD to be blurry. Screenshot attached.
  7. First suggestion: When creating a new group, it seems that the unit names are inherited from the last group name (I'm sure this is a bug and has been reported before). It would be nice, at least cosmetically, if groups had a property, which by default was set but could be manually disabled, which automatically aligns the group/unit names. For example, if I change a group name to SA10_1, it would automatically set the unit names to SA10_1-1, SA10_1-2 etc, if the autonaming property is set. Second suggestion: This became apparent as I was looking at some fairly large mission templates developed by others. I found the skill was set to Average for several hundred units/groups and there seems to be no other way of setting the skill level than to manually select it for each unit in the group for all groups in the mission. This should be possible via scripting, but shouldn't be necessary since I would guess that most people who build missions probably use the editor exclusively. An optional property to align the skill levels of all units within a group would be nice. Third suggestion: I saw another suggestion regarding a group list, which I think would be great for large missions. Currently for the user list there are columns for unit type, skill, status etc. If these columns could be extended (user definable) to include properties such as group name consistency, late activation, hidden on MFD (or any other useful common property), the ability to modify properties of multiple units/groups simultaneously (via shift or control clicking) would be very helpful.
  8. Issue is that for some reason I can't use TMS Up/Right to get point/area tracks after the RDR cursor has been touched. I've attached a track in the Nevada GBU training mission and initially when I first set CZ on Steerpoint 2 it seems fine and I can get point and area tracks, but as soon as I touch the RDR cursor it just starts drifting and after this point I cannot get a track. I do not have issues with the RDR cursor or TMS buttons elsewhere (e.g. dogfight mode, markpoints etc) and I have observed this behavior with the TGP in multiple missions. I recently did change my HOTAS (Gunfighter + TM F16 Grip + Cougar throttle vs TM Cougar before), however I have no idea why only the TGP is negatively affected. I have done a full repair to remove any mods as well as removed DCS.openbeta in Saved Games. Log is also attached. Edit: Seems to be resolved via adding deadzones to the RDR cursor in the controller setup. I don't fully understand why I don't see this behavior in either the A-A or A-G radars, but setting a deadzone of 2 on both axis makes it usable for now. TGP_Problems.trk dcs.log
  9. This still seems to be an issue. Any chance of a fix in the near future?
  10. Ahh, nice, I'm hoping implementation of these lights would be relatively straightforward.
  11. I agree that modelling reflections/shadows of real light sources would get pretty intensive on the global scale, but I also don't think this is necessary. I think the performance hit could be minimized by only modelling reflections on the aircraft which is currently tanking once contact has been requested. I'm speculating here, but for such low-intensity lighting, surely it must be possible to only perform these calculations locally (in space) when necessary and to disable these calculations for units, which are 10+ km away. But as you suggested, maybe an intermediate step could be some simplified light sources to at least assist the player in the short term, while a more realistic solution can be developed.
  12. I added these video/screenshots to another thread regarding night refueling, but after searching a bit I couldn't find a general thread about this. I'm pretty competent at refueling with any available light source (even the moon), but in conditions without external natural light sources, the only available reference is the directional indicators under the tanker. I can approach the tanker quite well with the three lights on the back, but once these disappear it becomes difficult to gauge speed and attitude relative to the tanker. The request would be to model the lighting on the tankers. The video below shows a fully illuminated F16C. Game (Open Beta with severely lacking external lighting: This is what I see in the cockpit: My theory is that better lighting under the tanker would provide additional lighting (even just the reflections) to the pilot to assist with night refueling. I couldn't find any videos from a pilot's perspective and I am not a pilot so this is pure speculation on my part.
  13. I fly the F16C and consider myself to be pretty competent tanking (usually without disconnects) with any available light source (even a full moon), but I find it is very difficult in poor conditions at night. My stability comes from visual cues while under the tanker to gauge speed/attitude. With heavy cloud/night time, my only reference point is the directional indicators under the tanker and I lose all perception of space. I decided to see what video footage I could find and came across this video. I could only find footage from the tanker's perspective, but the F16 is clearly lit up and I have a hard time believing that the F16 pilot wouldn't benefit to some degree from the low lighting available to make out the shape of the tanker fuselage. Below some screenshots from in game: I think if the lighting under the tanker were improved and reflections of reflections were modeled, then it would be far easier to refuel at night.
  14. Hi, Is there any way to prevent an external view of an enemy aircraft on the mission start screen? I've hidden them on the map and I've disabled external views of enemy aircraft, but it seems these only work once you're in the mission. I even added additional friendly aircraft, but for some reason it always defaults to showing the enemy aircraft. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks for the help.
  15. Update: I thought I had an issue, but I think I got my script working. The set waypoint command appeared to be ignored since I had CAP aircraft engaging targets (I say appeared since I don't know if it set the waypoint, but the aircraft weren't redirected). By first setting the aircraft to weapons hold, they terminated their current engagement and then redirected to the correct waypoint.
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