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  1. GOT MINE!

    Just plugged it in =)


    The trigger is indeed, only 1 stage. Sad face.

    But the throttle is actually quite impressive.

    Can't wait to start building some profiles! lol I probably wont even get to fly with it much; I'll be burned out after I make everything I want to make.

    Anyone else get theirs?


    :thumbup: Good Stuff !!

    Mine is supposed to be here today..waiting

  2. I personally would love to see a UH-1B but my fear is many would find something to complain about in the end due to the loss of horsepower and load capacity( it's too slow..I can only carry 7 troops..etc..Boo Hoo )


    UH-1B-960 hp T53-L-5 engine vs UH-1H 1400 hp T53-L-13 engine


    The product that ED/BST has produced and delivered has exceeded far beyond my expectations (despite some features initially said to be included haven't been) Everyday I see at least 1 post of somebody whining bitching and moaning about something ..Get over it and be thankful for what you have been given. The best UH-1 sim to date that is constantly evolving to an unprecedented new level that is setting the standard for rotorcraft simming.

  3. :thumbup:

    glad to hear he was off on his weight measures.





    Actual weight after I made sure it was on the kitchen scales correctly:

    Joystick 1.82kg

    Thruster 1.137kg

    Total weight 2.95 kg (so not two bars of chocolate)


    For comparison in weight order (I hope this makes up for my lack of cooking skills)


    2.95kg Saitek X-55

    3.15kg Saitek X-52 (non pro version)

    3.85kg Thrustermaster Cougar

    4.50kg Saitek X-65

  4. Interesting that the stick appears to detach from the base quite easily. I wish Saitek (or someone else) would make a long helo style extension that would attach to the base, with a connector on the other end to attach the stick, that would be awesome.


    Also slightly worried about the apparent plasticy-ness of the X-55 but as long as it's accurate enough to fly helos, it's probably the only option in my price range. Even if I could afford the X-65, I'd be too worried by the ending of support and I don't think the throttles very nice either.


    The T16000M http://www.thrustmaster.com/en_UK/products/t16000m would probably be an option to pair with a separate throttle if only it had more hats on it. It might be interesting to try using a FFB stick as throttle/collective, as it will hold it's position until releasing the "brake".


    I will be working on an extension and a collective hack/mod.

  5. interesting review of the X-55...


    "By offering a selection of 4 carefully engineered springs with stepped resistances which can be easily interchanged, they have solved the problem. Neat and effective but keeping the X-55 at a very competitive price. And the real inspiration was to allow use of the X-55 with no joystick resistance or self-centering at all. Why, may you ask would you want a 'floppy' joystick?"


    "It makes the perfect cyclic control for flying helicopters as it allows for constant subtle adjustments without having to overcome any self-centering forces. We flew it and approved it, so sign up for a pre-order now!"


    Still looking forward to an in depth hands on review showcasing all the features..I still feel confident in my pre order and have been trying to get in on the beta team.



  6. Would love some basic CIV missions (transport/charter/etc.) SAR ( locate missing person / deploy SAR team / support . HEMS (dispatch to incident / deploy med team / transport to ER


    I too would be honored to test whatever you are working on.

    Welcome back !!

  7. Are you talking about IRL, or in DCS? Would be great to have someone with actual experience say something about that, like with the rocket recoil.


    The "rocket recoil " is fact some say it is impossible and could never happen but every single Huey driver I know says it is a real effect almost slowing down the AC 15-20 kts with a change of pitch +5/-5 degrees.

  8. I play Huey Drop 2 mission SP ..Without a Gun Ship I am a sitting duck..FARP/FOB will not re arm/re fuel/repair...The load out I pick is never installed...Would love to be able to soften the ground forces with a couple of gun runs and then hop over to FOB for troop p/u..Is there anyway to add a GS instead of just Slicks ??...Thanks for the great work it amazes me to see these missions get turned out !

  9. I am always down to fly the UH-1 but there is hardly anybody on these days .

    Most time is spent flying Harbour Tour...Too many locked servers with too many people trying to tell others how to fly because they are a supposed RL pilot or groups trying too hard to be legit with name plates/ribbons/ranks ^ that is the reason why I quickly lost interest in 229..So if you are down for some actual flying short/long multiple hops etc. hit me up !

  10. Word is early April is the expected start of the shipping for US/CAN pre -order...They (Saitek) did send me a message(below) saying thanks for the pre- order and they will be paying for the shipping via UPS.



    Your X-55 Rhino Pre-Order

    NOW Includes

    FREE Ground Shipping*!



    Dear ,******


    Thank you so much for

    pre-ordering the X-55 Rhino!


    To show our appreciation, we are waiving the ground shipping charges for your





    If you selected ground shipping during checkout, there's nothing you need to do. We've taken care of everything!


    If you selected expedited shipping and would like to take advantage of our free ground shipping offer, please contact our customer support team by submitting a ticket to make the necessary changes.


    Please Note: When submitting a ticket, please select the button next to the "Online Store Orders" to ensure it gets sent to the correct department. (As shown below)



    Thank you again!


    Saitek Team

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