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  1. The 'Threats' page is missing info for "SA-8 Gecko". These are numerous throughout the missions so would be very useful. Thanks. P.S. I got hit by an SA-8 at just above 17K MSL during mission 7. So I assumed that was the M3 high altitude missile variant.
  2. Yeah, got really fustrated with mission 5 for the building attack. Nothing but poor position calls from the JTAC. I even set-up a WP on the building MGRS coord and dialed the approach heading to the HSI CRS; perfect approaches every time. On the transit from sector 3 I was attacked by SAM when at 15k MSL, so I repositioned to 20K. No chance of clearing after 3.5 from IP. Dropped back down to 15k but still couldn't get JTAC to call clear. Very dark by now and still doing repeated runs. Finally aborted on bingo fuel and headed for home. Just under three hours in total. My runs were starting from the north-west edge of the island going back along the target heading; initial distance was about 8 miles. I was waiting as long as reasonable to call for clearance. 3.5 miles is seriously tight, especially at night. Also at the time it wasn't obvious to me that the JTAC distance from target is a maximum distance for requesting clearance. Guess I haven't done anything set-up this tight before.
  3. I have a 2.1 speaker set-up on my PC, so I usually set my speaker layout to "2.1 Stereo". This has been ok for at least the past few years or so. However since the last few updates (sorry, I have been a little distracted by another game!) I have had no audio. Finally I discovered changing the speaker layout fixes the problem. With speaker layout set to "2.1 Stereo", the error message below appears in the DCS log. ERROR SOUND: Failed to Initialize IAudioClient: 0x88890008 (AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT) I have attached my detailed dcs.log file. Towards the end I have cycled through the available speaker layouts. You can see when "2.1 Stereo" is selected the error(s) are generated. All other layouts are ok. DCS/ Hope this is useful info. P.S. During my problem investigations I have ... DCS_Updater cleanup, DCS_Updater repair, DX11 re-install, Nvidia driver re-install, HD audio driver re-install, et.al. Kind regards, Paul i7 11700K, 32GB DDR4, ASUS ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming, EVGA RTX3080 FTW3 Ultra Hybrid. dcs.log
  4. I have Logitech Rudder Pedals and the Warthog HOTAS. I get dual bindings for my stick and pedals for the X,Y and throttle axis. The first flight in a new module is always funny. lol
  5. I've not read all the other posts, but ... Norwegian Sea theater - east of the G-I-UK gap to the home of the Red Banner Northern Fleet. That gives 'Contain the Bear' or 'Break-out the Bear' scenarios. All cold war stuff, so matches current DCS target era's.
  6. Thanks. I thought about that after I posted. There’s obviously a relationship between speed, spacing, etc. I was thinking of an experiment to find the limits for what works and what doesn’t. Has anyone done it before?
  7. And here's a bug report ... hope this helps. Bug: aircraft destroyed on Snakeeye release Can I reproduce it 100%: yes If not 100%, how often out of 10: 10/10 How to reproduce/ description: Equip 2 x 3 mk82 snakeeye (statons 4 and 5) Set Ripple Quantity to 6 (anything more than 4) Select A/G Master Arm Fly straight and level at 500knots Weapon release [aircraft destroyed] DCS Version: OpenBeta System Specs: CPU i5 10600k GPU 2060Super 8GB 32GB RAM SSD 970evo OS: Win10 Peripherals: Joystick: Warthog HOTAS Throttle: Warthog HOTAS Pedals: LOGITECH PRO Others: N/A Headtracker: Smoothtrack/Opentrack Mission File: see attachment Log: n/a Track: see attachment Video/ Screenshots: n/a. Mods: none f-14b snakeeye ripple test.trk f-14b snakeeye ripple test.miz
  8. Did this to me in campaign. Mission gives 6 snakeeyes and requires single low level pass to take out EWR. Kept blowing up upon release. After a little investigation I found it happens when Ripple Quantity is set greater than 4. Anything up to 4 is fine. Guess the rack eject sequence doesn’t like lots of bombs. So workaround is to set Ripple Quantity to 4 and do multiple pickles. Open beta 2.7.4 For retard bomb like snakeeyes you need tail fuse; else the retard won’t activate. So set fuse as N/T.
  9. I’ve been using SmoothTrack and opentrack for about the last six months. SmoothTrack is on my iPhone SE and I keep it plugged in to power when using for DCS. I’ve have a cheap desktop holder for it that sits just in front of my monitor. As it uses the camera you have to keep line of sight clear. Works it fairly poor light conditions, although I have a light source on a shelf above the monitor. The settings took me a while to sort, and I generally set for linear response across +/- 15 to 20 degrees of head movement. I minimise roll and vertical response since I’m sitting in a chair that shouldn’t move. Overall I’m fairly pleased with it, and the price of £10 is great. And I don’t have to wear a silly hat.
  10. The coupled autopilot captures a set course going away from a selected destination. Therefore I miss arriving at my destination on the desired track. For example... Flying north from Batumi to Kobuleti Tacan 67X, ON Steer mode selected = TCN CRS 069 for runway 07 A/P, CPL Aircraft turn right to capture 069 track travelling away from Kobuleti, i.e. 069 FROM TCN67X See track file attached I had expect the aircraft to turn left to capture 069 TO Kobuleti (TCN67X). Should the default bahaviour be to capture the track TO the selected destination. Is there a way to select the TO/FROM behaviour? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks CPL autopilot CRS incorrect capture.trk
  11. In the fight zone have radios set for channels 18 and 17 as per mission sheet. AWACS calls out BRA for the blue unit(s). So no need to call yourself.
  12. Anyone know when the DCS sale will appear on Steam? Money burning in wallet. Come and get it. Lol
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