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  1. Soooo.....Top Gun Maverick campaign when?
  2. Told ya Just got the order of events wrong (who gets shot down and who comes to the rescue).
  3. (unfortunately, the original video isn't available on YouTube)
  4. Yes, I am aware of those as well. From what those sources say and hint at, there indeed may be a discrepancy between the Phoenix performance currently in game and the one stated in anecdotes of those you've mentioned, so I can relate to your point. The problem HB and ED are facing, however, is that they require hard numbers and stats to implement their missile simulation. It's hard - if not impossible - to implement anecdotal evidence, that also is 20+ years old (and might be a little biased ) . And on top of that, even if they could somehow get additional, not yet tabbed resources, those may either be classified and/or fall under ITAR restrictions. Sure, they could guess, and err in favor of gameplay, but that would go against their standards. And would lead to a very slippery slope. Either way, I have no way of knowing how the real deal worked, so I have to (and do!) trust in HB to give us the best representation of the AIM-54 as circumstances allow.
  5. 127.5 is the freq for the AI wingman ...as has been mentioned in this thread already
  6. When dealing with (fighter) pilots in anecdote mode, remember the "10 percent true" rule.
  7. Doesn't seem to be necessary, as it hardly seems to move, at least not in the Greek models.
  8. --ATTENTION MISSION SPOILERS-- Ok, so far my results are: Burst height set to 1500: not a scratch on those TELs Burst height set to 300: got 2 destroyed and one damaged (maybe?); debriefing page said three hit, but one had "bda" next to it. Mission keeps telling me that the target was not destroyed, Poodle asks if I can re-engage. As my burning remains rained down on the airbase, I paused and panned around with the F2 view: I saw 2 of the TEL burning (the two next to each other), whereas the single one seemed to be intact. I double-checked the target coordinates while punching them in. I do release well within range, about one-third within the "in range ring" displayed on the HSI. Maybe one of the JSOWs is being shot down by the dense air defense around the base? If anybody managed to destroy the SCUDs, please let me know what your settings were.
  9. In case you haven't heard/ seen this already (the 41:08 timecode is pretty funny)
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