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  1. I just copied his settings, don’t know what did it, just enjoy it. Also added a shader, now it’s faster and looks better. I am happy!
  2. You are a HERO!!! I did this and went from 50-55 fps to 80+
  3. Did I see your question being answered on facebook? Something with flaps?
  4. I still havent added something to all the buttons... still challenged by the 5 way dial with the 6 buttons...
  5. I love the setup, but would it not be more useful to have a Virpil mount for your stick (in the center) and attach these control panels to it? That might be easier to reach (and read if you label them)? Like in their own picture?
  6. I just checked the file on my ipad pro but when enlarging to see all the text at the buttons it became blurry…… is it better to download and look?
  7. Thank you! I copied 95% of your settings and my fps is much lower... I am doing something wrong here (i-7700k RTX3080 Gaming). I do have 2 screens, perhaps I should turn the second one off and anything running in the background.
  8. Hi, Is there anyone out there that has that section (5 way dial icw 6 x Customisable Momentary Buttons) programmed for the FA-18? I would love to know what your logic is in setting it up and what choices you made. Thanks!!
  9. You have to check how many inputs there are for the flaps full, half full. This is the tutorial I followed:
  10. Is it an option to axis multiple fases... like full is 100-80%, 3/4 flaps is 81-60%, etc? I think it is a standard option in the Virpil software and I know I used somewhere... haven't been flying much lately though.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know of good Ipad apps so you can control your UFC or MFD from an Ipad? Anyone tried this one? https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dcs-hornet-device/id1453256302 it has only 6 reviews so I am a bit hesitant (on the other hand it's very cheap)...
  12. Where can you set this? Do you have to set this every time you fly?
  13. I have them and can push them fully back, but if you tell me how far you can get them on your desk, I will try that for you and give you the result. I use 3, throttle (short mount), stick long mount (I use the curved extension) and mouse (short mount).
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