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  1. What the title says: I am looking for arcade / light flight games for non-simmers. Easy to install, easy to play without much flightsimming knowledge. We used to play Crimson Skies capture the flag, but it wont run on modern PCs anymore.
  2. FSX terrain looks pretty in high altitudes. With a chopper at low altitudes it looks mostly meh, and that with payware addons even.
  3. I want that for LAN parties. :D
  4. FSX choppers are pretty easy. X-Plane's are difficult. EECH is a good combat lite sim, the learning curve isn't that steep in there.
  5. If the game has the same functionality as LB2, with a bit better graphics and works well with newer Windows system, I play it. A lot.
  6. Always wanted to buy the C-130 after I was disappointed by Wilco's A-400M but I feared to throw out another 30 euros. From what I see the C-130 is far more polished, I like it.
  7. Yar Armour. Also got a Harrier and now I am pondering if I buy a Tornado or a MirageIII next.
  8. More arcade sim, but fun nevertheless.
  9. Enemy Engaged Comanche vs Hokum http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/13/1/EECH_EEAH.html Take a look here for latest mods.
  10. No one stops you from learning the russian alphabet and buy the russian download version. :D
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