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  1. So its night night and we all meet back up again in Nov..... ;-) Night night
  2. yawn, nice tank pics how about a pic of the new mission editor, or is'nt it worth showing, ready, working ???
  3. helo, yawn Now if it fixed or even improved the fps, AI, mission editor etc issues in the current game then that would be interesting. Nothing from ED on this and only teaser feedback from testers who I know are restricted in what they can say. Seems like EDs running on faith (again) rather than good business practices.
  4. Anyone else notice that if you lose an engine in the su33, probably same for all others, that your AI wingmen turn off theirs in sympathy. Greater love hath no wingman than to turn off his engine for his buddy.....sheesh ! Would love to know who drew up the spec for AI behaviour because that guy has a real sense of humour.
  5. Respect your opinion Iguana and I understand this axiom very well. However if your customers keep coming back to you with the same problem then you need to fix it rather than band aid it. ED's re-issue of serial numbers is a band aid for an incredibly badly thought out protection system. If ED spent less of its meagre resources dealing with starforce issues then maybe BS would be just a little further along. Can only see this problem getting worse as people go through their normal computer upgrade cycles and realise the cash they paid for the game does'nt entitle them to put it on their latest system, which ironically may be the one that allows them to play the game at full spec.
  6. starforce protection has ben a complete joke from day 1 and now appears to be have poor support by ED which was always one of the major concerns of downloading the patch. Glad I waited for the CD and hope ED dump starforce for BS. From the posts above looks like the activation key delivery schedule is much like EDs BS delivery schedule 2 wks +....+....+
  7. Hmmmm Thinking about it maybe ubisoft is getting bad rap. Agreed they forced the release of LOMAC well before it was ready but ED were way behind schedule and ubi had to make some money out of this puppy or abandon it. To their credit they got the product released and have supported the LOMAC forum over at the ubi site long after they could be making any money. Can't see how some folk's continually defend ED's release of buggy patches and game updates as a business necessity but still slam ubi for the same reasons. Are we still waiting for BS. ? Just a thought...
  8. Sad that you've got to go through these hoops to use a product you've already paid for. Starforce implementation in LOMAC has been a farce from the beginning. Hopefully ED will be sick of the ongoing requests for Starforce support from its customers and get it sorted for BS. Can't believe they really want to keep resource allocated to support this.
  9. Trains pretty much gone for Lockon, not enough gameplay or potential for community addons to keep the interest going until ED release the next sim. Suspect this is mostly down to poor S/W architecture which only allowed ED to change things and even then with difficulty, hence slow and buggy patches/addons. A pity because it had a lot of promise.
  10. This threads now at 10+ pages. It's nice to talk through the merits of a good DC but the reality is that ED have'nt even looked at a patch for one in either LOMAC or Flamming Cliffs, their unlikely to do anything for BS and the next sim will probably be equally deficient whenever that arrives +2 yrs?. If we are to ask ED to do anything then lets be realistic and ask for minor tweaks to the ME to at least introduce any kind of random element that takes us away from the sterile and repetitive game play we currently have. This is'nt a rant just an observation of where we are and whats realistic to ask for.
  11. 05.26.2003 ..... http://www.lo-mac.com/faq.php "Will there be a dynamic campaign in Lock On? Eagle Dynamics is creating a campaign system for Lock On. Details will be provided as it nears completion." Give them a break guys its only been 3 1/2 yrs. Maybe once they get the LOMAC ME up to at least Flanker 1.0 standard. Don't hold your breath tho.
  12. Hmmmmmm, mission editors still garbage, flight models on non AFM aircraft are suspect, AI are still braindead and we now ask for a feature to allow us to take out seaguls. Gotta love a good priority list....
  13. Simplest one of all, even the ability to assign a probability of any object appearing during a mission would help make missions more interesting. ME's been one of the most dissapointing aspects of LOMAC since even the flanker ME was better in every respect. Can't see ED changing things now tho' since there's been no interest from them in the ME since day 1.
  14. To be honest have'nt seen that many requests for updates compared to prev patch releases. Does'nt seem to be the same level of interset for a helo. If ED wants to drum up some enthusiasm maybe letting some details of what non-helo related features are likely.
  15. The database has been designed to perform only with the next generation CPU's and graphics cards. To get the best performance out of it using current h/w you need to turn down resolution by using big letters only. This may also help your fps sorry wps typing speed.... ;-).
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