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  1. ivo

    Noob question

    Ok, if I understand, when I ad -sanitizeModule... into scrip lua exspose my pc to risk instead without put the line command into lua file my pc is safety but some dynamic mission ( as own Mbot's ), doesn't work
  2. ivo

    Noob question

    Ok thank for reply, then it is better download single mission from user file instead dynamic campaign?
  3. Hi to all, what mean with some mission on line " need sanatize module " there is some file lua dangerous for DCS? Bye
  4. Yaeaaa its so real now, I hope this effect remains, as has already been said, perhaps with the option of choosing in the special section of the main menu. Thank ED for your great works
  5. I love the new effect, its is more realistic, obviously for VR user or because doesn't likes this effect, make an optinon on/off, simple, we are all happyes.....
  6. set AIR SOURCE to RAM, cockpit depressurize. try and let my know....I get depressurize set to RAM
  7. Then, air source set to Off, Norm or Dump has no effects, instead set to Ram over the 30.000 feet its gets cabin pressure faillure and turn off the oxigen has hypoxia. Its works fine ?
  8. ivo

    Easy refueling

    This isn't easy refueling like Falcon4. On falcon 4 when you contact the tanker and you are under the plane even if you are not perfectly aligned the filler automatically hooks you
  9. ivo

    Easy refueling

    even if I'm not aligned with the filler?
  10. ivo

    Easy refueling

    Hi, developers make please an option for easy in air refueling like in the old Falcon4. bye
  11. ok but in the F-16 where is the command to pressurize the cabin. bye
  12. From Dj : ivo, I feel some kind of aggressiveness or at least, you seems to be upset because of my posts. Maybe I wasn't really polite or diplomat when saying that your bug report was "wrong". I am sorry about that, it wasn't my intentions. I am just trying to be factual. absolutely not, I am interested in your explanation that denotes a good knowledge of the subject, I just want to understand how the effect of hypoxia works, from what I understood it does not depend only on the presence of oxygen but also on the presurization you link a video of a friend who tried this on both the F14 and F18 Bye and thank my friend :thumbup:
  13. Ok Dj, and where is the difference between F16 and F18 about the hypoxia, if you want try also with Hornet in the same condition and let we know, bye
  14. ivo

    Carrier ops

    +1000000000 :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  15. You are wrong, at 40.000 ft turn off the supply oxygen and nothing happened its is a very bug, you can get hypoxia only when you get out the yellow handle of canopy it is wrong, please investigate before speaking
  16. Here track file Hypoxia.trk
  17. I to all, I know there are most important Priority to solve, but there is also the bug with oxygen supply when I turn off nothing happened instead when I get out the yellow handle of canopy its reproduce the hypoxia effects its seem an nosense, the hypoxia woul be reproduce with supply oxigen off. Bye
  18. Hi, I don't think... would awesome to turn on the runway light via radio menù tower
  19. Yes, how I can set up the right hour?
  20. ivo

    Delay time

    Thank for your help, have a best day, bye.
  21. ivo

    Delay time

    Hi to all, I would ask you about the delay time, I have done one mission with scramble allarm sound its work fine via trigger at mission start, but I want to delay the scramble allarm 3 minutes and I have set the delay time at 0.3 but nothing happened its work only if I set the delay as default 0 delay, then 0,1 or 0,2 and so on are the seconds or minutes? And where I can find an list of various sound in .ogg format for my mission? Bye and thank in advance.
  22. ivo

    a little help

    Yesss, thank to all for your help, this evening I'll try, bye
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