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  1. Hi. mannedtower its the same like the watch tower by default all brown what is for?
  2. Thank Captain Orso, now work I ahve done : 1 I have made folder named Mods\Tech and I have put into the WWII MarstonMat. 2 I have put the two STM into a folder named StaticTemplate 3 i have paste those folder into savegame… 4 I have copy into in my default liveries folder the file FieldHL and HARRIERH where I put the static template for Persian gulf and desert option ? Thank in advance
  3. Hi, I have tried to install it, but doesn't work ( dcs 2.5.5) open beta, can someone exsplain me how to instal into savegame folder?
  4. Hi, develops hurry up my wallet is ready :):):)
  5. Keep calm and good year to all, :):):)
  6. thanks for sharing the problem, however you can currently follow this procedure to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that if you use the option to repair DCS, it returns to default. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=259381
  7. I use one only MFD for extra buttons I don't need two MFD and maybe I have understand that first MDF 1-2 are pre set by Razbam, then I haven't how figure out how change my first MFD to third, however I have solve in other way the problem as explain in other thread in bug section.
  8. I want to thank the ED team and of course all third-party developers for the work done during the year, in the hope that 2020 will bring us new interesting modules,and well-deserved earnings for developers. Thanks again. :)
  9. Hi but the Seat Adjustment Switch work or not, its seem doens't work.
  10. nobody who can help me :(:(:(
  11. Hi today I have purchased the AV-8 great plane. But in key options under MFD Trustmaster there are already set key and and I have erase the default setting and want to assign other comand on the various switch but its are grey and is impossible to assign new comand. There is a way to assign the comand in the grey box with a mod ? bye
  12. its seem a good movie :music_whistling:
  13. ivo


    Ok, thank for your reply
  14. ivo


    Hi on Gazelle there is the flashlight, cockpit seem too dark in specific zone
  15. ivo


    Hi you want to release only flare? I think is more simple solution in rearming and refueling option in game you can rearm only the flares 120 or chaff and flare 60/60 or another combination. try and let we know :thumbup:
  16. Thank thank thank, awesome mission, post again bye
  17. the discourse is much more complex, we talk about niche simulation, first of all we have to thank the developers of their work, as a true fan of military flight simulators would have no chance of having what we have with DCS, our task whenever possible is to buy these products in beta, to finance the work of the developers, and have patience and faith until the final release. This is the only possibility that we virtual pilot have, thanks to Wags and all the developers.
  18. it is not feasible because that function includes all the dynamics of the flight, I only wish to have ease in air-refueling, it does not seem difficult to understand ...
  19. Yes, for a noob pilot, an option for easy air-refueling in flight, this make the game more playable.
  20. ivo

    Noob question

    Thanks for the exposure, so if I write in the file.lua " -sanatizeModule " expose the pc to possible threats?
  21. Hi try this and follow the includet istructions https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306678/
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