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  1. I've been waiting for this! I'll have to wait a few more hours though, I'm looking forward to it!
  2. I had a few people ask me about my Warthog stand that I built, so I figured I would make a quick thread for anyone who might want to build one themselves. It should require a little bit of woodworking experience, but nothing too extreme. I didn't need any special tools, I used a miter box and table saw for all the cuts, but you could do it all (carefully!) with a portable circular saw. I also used a chisel, drill, knife, pencil, a nail, a pair of safety glasses, a couch for a quick break, and a can of soda part way though as a quick pick-me-up. On to it now. I think it's pretty self-explanatory for the most part: The stick had the original base removed and is attached to a piece of plywood. That piece is then attached to the next piece with two socket head screws into two T-uts so it's easy to take the stick off if needed. The next two pieces are attached to each other with four bolts that have nuts on the top and bottom of the very bottom piece that can be adjusted up and down to change the height of the stick. The bottom plate is screwed to the 2x4 tripod base. The throttle stand is built with three pieces of plywood to and a few 2x4 blocks to make a base. It's attached to the tripod with two more socket head screws through a block on the tripod and one on the throttle stand into two T-nuts. The Throttle base is built the same way as the stick base, with four bolts to adjust the height. It is attached to the throttle stand with one bolt that allows it to be rotated a bit depending on what you need. The throttle stand and and stick can be removed and the tripod can be folded up for storage or transport: Feel free to ask any questions.
  3. Thanks! I have an engineering degree and I've been a carpenter for the last 8 years, so it took 4 years of school and 8 years of field experience to build it! But I think most could do it with much less. :smilewink: And, they ammended the UCMJ to include white cotton socks as acceptaple flight gear. :D
  4. Here it is: You can Adjust the height of the stick and the throttle and rotate both the throttle and stick and you can change the position of the throttle relative to the stick if you need to.
  5. Focus on staying on AOA on final and roundout and flare a little before you think you should, then put the FPM on or a little below the horizon line with the throttles at idle, speedbrakes out, and flaps fully down. The jet will stop flying as you slow down and you should settle smoothly.
  6. I built a tripod type thing out of some left-over 2x4s and plywood I had and mounted the stick to that. Collapsible, solid, and cheap. I'll post a picture of it in a few hours when I get home.
  7. LOL, come on guys! I'm all about cheap here. I decided long ago I paid way too much for computer hardware so I've been on cheap street since. Maybe it's because I haven't been looking for a while, but $160 for a decent video card seems like a steal to me. Heck, I remember the days when you would have to shell out $400-500 just for a video card, then have to walk up hill both ways through a blizzard to get it out of the mailbox! Or something like that... :joystick: :D
  8. Alright, after a bit of research, I've come up with this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130591 It seems people are using them in the 680i SLI boards with no issues and they seem to perform well and it's in my price range. Anyone know anything about them? Thanks again.
  9. :D My factory superclocked 8800 GTX that has served me so well for the last few years finally crapped out last night and I need something to replace it. I have no plans for upgrading right now (I only have another year on this PC before becoming EXTREMELY busy for ~2.5 to 3 years) but I do want something that performs well enough that I'm not downgrading at all. I have an EVGA 680i SLI MB and would like a video card that is comparable to my 8800 and in the less than $150 range (I'll spend a little more if it's really worth it). I have an E8500 overclocked to 3.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, and have been out of the game for a while so I don't really know what I should be looking at. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :thumbup:
  10. I would say use whatever you feel comfortable with. It's one of those things that you can't exactly replicate with the WH because the stick throws are different between it and the actual jet. I'm not at my computer right now so I can't see the values, but I have it set to the low-mid range of curvature so I have fairly precise control with larger stick movements towards the center, then large control movements out to the outside since the only time you would throw the stick to the limiters would be when you really need all the performance you can get.
  11. I agree with that, it's a matter whether there's a parabolic (or otherwise) curve built in. I've flown Cessnas, Pipers, and a Yak-52 and they are all mechanically actuated and all have seemingly linear responses through the full range of controls in flight. The only experience I have in anything else is several hours in an F-16 sim and that is definitely not a linear control curve. EDIT: Just realized I'm on my other account. I had to register the other one, "Mobuis1_MWI" to get access to the beta forum. Sorry for any confusion.
  12. Awesome - thank you! :thumbup:
  13. Does anyone know what the reference points on the A-10 are for fingertip formation? e.g. on the F-16, the front of the missile rail should be at a point between the ECS duct and intake, and you should be even with the exhaust nozzle. Thanks for any info!
  14. I've been trying to figure out cheap and easy controller/button setup to use the A-10C UFC and various cockpit functions without trying to pan around the cockpit with my rickety old TrackIR 3 and trying to click the right button while watching where I'm flying and shooting etc. What I've come up with is this - using one or two or three of these: http://www.amazon.com/Cubeternet-Portable-Numeric-KeyPad-Keyboard/dp/B002XNJGRA/ref=sr_1_49?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1287365961&sr=1-49 and mapping the various controls to the buttons. Does anyone know if this would work? Or would it be recognized as just another keypad? Or recognized at all? Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. That definitely looks like a Russian T-50 (PAK FA), but I don't know about the sim. It doesn't look like anything I know of. It could be some sort of publicity render for the jet.
  16. I ordered mine from them on Saturday (the 9th) and was told that they would be receiving those to the warehouse on the 30th. I ordered after the first round was sold out though.
  17. Is there a way to install the 32bit version after I've already installed only the 64bit version? I would like to use my TrackIR without having to uninstall and reinstall if I could. Thanks for any help.
  18. Bullets that bounce and land farther on from where you were shooting. First time that happened to me I was wondering who was shooting back.
  19. Maybe I'm missing something that is glaringly obvious, but I can't seem to access the beta forum. I pre-purchased and activated and flown etc., but whenever I try to access the beta forum, it tells me I don't have the correct permission. What am I missing?
  20. It's great, another thing I noticed was bullets ricocheting and bouncing. Really makes you think about who or what is beyond what you're shooting at - never had to consider that before.
  21. According to my downloader, I have 10 hours to get myself a decent split throttle joystick...
  22. Sounds good, thanks guys. I think I'll wait for now and see how things go with the next module release, then decide if I should upgrade.
  23. I'm looking at upgrading my 8800GTX (THIS ONE) to a GTS 250 (THIS ONE) and I"m wondering if it will be worth it? I have 680i SLI board that has only the PCIexpress 1.0 x16 slots instead of the 2.0 slots, but from what I've heard it still works with a bit of a bottleneck, but I just wanted to see what people's opinions were before making the leap. Thanks for any advice.
  24. Definitely not fake, I was there. If it was fake, I think we have a serious philosophical discussion on our hands as to what defines my existence and what the definition of "there" is... I was there last week too when the Viper East team did a demo. Awesome job by both teams as well as all the other performers as well! :thumbup: http://www.baraboodellsairshow.com/
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