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  1. I too have this zoom troubles and X-45. Do you have any solution found yet? I suggest the precog Profile for lomac with your x45, btw.
  2. I do expirence the exact sam problem ! I cant zoom in or out neither with the standard keys unless I unplugg my Saitek X-45. Even If i DONT assign the zoom vie to any axis, it recenters automatically.... the view always jumps back (recenters on the zoom axis), and I cant do anything about it. Seems to be a Flaming Cliffs Bug because it even exists, when my jostick is disconnected! It worked fine on 1.02 too! But I had the sam problems with the FC Demo, but I did not care about that, that time. Now as I bought the addon it really pi...es me off, as I cant find any solution, neither here in this forum... Pls help, the game suxx withought the ability to zoom in/out while in the cockpit.
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