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  1. https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/rog-maximus/rog-maximus-x-hero-model/helpdesk_bios There is a BETA BIOS available. I am currently using this, enabled reBAR and I am very grateful for this feature in combination with my 3080 FE and VR. I (subjectively) noticed a an improvement with reBAR enabled. My advice, go for it! Attention: I had to completely redefine my BIOS OC setting. So, you might want to do phone screenshots as for easy reconfiguration, if neccessary.
  2. Using that master branch did the trick for me to get rid of the errors in the dcs.log. Might help others too.
  3. Same issue here. Did you find the cause of the flooded log? Furthermore, I am getting the following errors ind the dcs.log, as soon as I activate DCS-BIOS via Export.lua: [ 2020-11-23 22:48:02.695 INFO LuaNET: VRK - Player data: MULTIPLAYER;; 2020-11-23 22:48:02.792 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture 'noise4.png' not found. Asked from 'METASHADER' 2020-11-23 22:48:03.153 ERROR_ONCE DX11BACKEND: texture 'default.mr' not found. Asked from 'EDTERRAINGRAPHICS41' 2020-11-23 22:48:03.214 INFO GRAPHICSVISTA: Creating Resource "Unicode" of type 1 2020-11-23 22:48:03.216 ERROR Lua::Config: Call error LuaExportAfterNextFrame:[string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\lib\CommonData.lua"]:71: attempt to perform arithmetic on upvalue 'latFractionalSec' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: ? [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\lib\CommonData.lua"]:71: in function 'getter' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\lib\Util.lua"]:944: in function 'v' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\lib\Protocol.lua"]:173: in function 'step' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\DCS-BIOS\BIOS.lua"]:106: in function 'SimLuaExportAfterNextFrame' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts/SimShaker.lua"]:517: in function 'LuaExportAfterNextFrame' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\SimShaker-export-core\ExportCore.lua"]:62: in function 'PrevLuaExportAfterNextFrame' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts/TacviewGameExport.lua"]:65: in function 'OtherLuaExportAfterNextFrame' [string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua"]:229: in function <[string "C:\Users\manu\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua"]:226>. ]
  4. Thnak's for your inputs. We got multiple recommendations for hetzner.de; We're likely to give them a chance.
  5. Hi Pilots! :joystick: I'd appreciate recommendations for DCS server hosters, that provide good performance, managablitity and stable network (especially between 20:00-23:00 lcl) in regards to DCS squad hosting. No assunptions, only validated first hand experience please. Our DCS clients are located in Central Europe, mainly Germany and Austria. :helpsmilie:
  6. I noticed the same thing in PG Map. Destroyed a wadi-bridge east of Bandar Abbas in IRAN in an MP Misison but that does not stop an enemy convoy. :doh:
  7. Yesrterday I had a similar issue as "Japo32" described. I will update VAICOM and check wether this was a "one time issue", or there is a conflict, which, ATM, is my guess as well. If true, I will report back.
  8. I am selling my Samsung Odyssey Plus as I switched to HP Reverb. I might respond to personal messages or thread replies with (subjectively) serious offers. This Samsung Odyssey Plus is currently located in Austria/Europe. Persoanl pickup preferred over shipment.
  9. This is not uncommon. Thrustmaster Warthogs do break at this very spot. Actually, mine did as well (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=214094) . To me Thrustmaster Support offered to order only a complete new stick (w/o) base as minimal repair part for this issue. Quite pricey, and still lying in my Sim Room unused. :doh: You might als check this thread and the corresponding shapeways site for parts. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=160114
  10. Same issue here on my end. dcs.log issues error with some „table_compare“ function in me_vehicle.lua comparing nil with „string“ leads to error.
  11. Upgrading to Windows 1903 suddenly got me an "incompatible USB 3.0" from Mixed Reality with my Odyssey Plus. Id was no issue before Windows 1903. However, I just replugged the VR Headset to my onboard USB 3.0 socket and everything seems fine.
  12. Is Windows client OS(Win10) and a Direct-X graphics card still required to run the dedi exe? That requirements exclude a majority, if not all hosting service provider. :doh:
  13. Quite some time ago with an older version of DCS-Flightpanels I suddenly had a monstrious CPU utilisation when flight-panels was running. What has helped back then was compiling the aplication with some Visual Studio on my pc. I do not fully understand what had introduced the issue in the first place though.
  14. What would be the difference between 200% Steam VR SS with (in-game)PD 1.0 and 100% Steam VR SS with (in-game) PD 2.0; Shouldn't both configs show the same effect and same performance? In fact, doesn't this invoke the very same API-fucntion-call on the graphic card? :dunno:
  15. Try disabling Hyper Threading in BIOS/UEFI and report back on stutters. ;o)
  16. Adding the "export line" to my export.lua makes my exports to other tools stop working. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I tryied using it with F-18 and DCS stable. I can configure DX buttons normally, just the data export does not work. Even other exports don not work any longer. function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame() dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scripts\\cdu_data.luac') end -- DCS-BIOS dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[scripts\DCS-BIOS\BIOS.lua]]) -- SimShaker local SimShakerlfs=require('lfs'); dofile(SimShakerlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/SimShaker.lua') dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[scripts\SimShaker-export-core\ExportCore.lua]]) --TACVIEW local Tacviewlfs=require('lfs');dofile(Tacviewlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TacviewGameExport.lua') -- SR local dcsSr=require('lfs');dofile(dcsSr.writedir()..[[scripts\DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua]]) [i]-- raygun local dcsRg=require('lfs');dofile(dcsRg.writedir()..[[scripts\DCS-raygun.lua]])[/i]
  17. Same here. Seems broken since the latest OpenBeta update.
  18. Selling a similar thing here: https://mobile.willhaben.at/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/vm-desktop-joystick-zur-videobearbeitung-surveillance-263644109
  19. During pattern Training my Warthog Stcik just broke. The greyish inner metal shaft broke just at the point were it lead into the black metal-grip. :( Buttons and electronics should bei fine, but I need some replacement hardware. Has any one experienced the same? I am totally surprised that that this metal rod broke, before anything else. Any ideas fellas? :helpsmilie: Anyone got an unused stick to offer.
  20. No, it did not work as we expected. Could it be an issue with the SRS VR Overlay? The VR overlay is not for modifiying frequencies, it just a „Selected Frequencies Repeater Display“, or is it? At least I do understand how it is supposed to work. I will test some further on my end. Thank you for clearificarion! I totally misunderstood the new SRS-profile option.
  21. Okay. Then I must try to change the order of lua entries or something. My issue: At the beginnng of MP-Mission it seems to work. But after some Frequency chabges after going airborne, the synchronisation gets messed up (using SR Overlay in VR as well as the Saitek Radio Panel). So, to me it seemed as the Export Lua‘s are fighting each other . Then I noticed that there is the option of creating a Keybinding*SRS-Profile. But this does not allow me to use DCS-BIOS for Buttons on Multi Panel. But I am sure I am misunderstanding the concept of flightpanels combatibility feature for SRS. Could you elaborate this feature, why woul I need an extra Profile if the following applies. Multipanel <=> A10C Profile <=> DCS-BIOS <=> DCS.export <=> DCS <=> DCS.export <=> SRS <=> SRS Profile(?!) <=>Radio Panel
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