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  1. Greetings! I noticed that Interleaved scan (RWS, INTL any bar 2/4/6) does not swap the starting frequency on each new scan (all bars) so for example in 4B scan it does [HI MED HI MED] swap antenna up again, and starting HI again [HI MED HI MED] instead of changing to the inverse and do [MED HI MED HI]. I hate to bring it up but in Falcon4 it was this way. Am I missing something or it should invert the scan order? I made a video on it, recorded 2020.11.01 v openbeta Hope this helps.
  2. I've noticed it with MiG-29A that for example on Marj Ruhayyil airfield in Syria I can only put certain type of aircrafts under shelters. The limitation is probably intended, but I attached a shot where you can see that a fulcrum would easily fit, even a fencer. Hope this helps
  3. Also, it would be nice to have syrian skins assigned to their units, e.g. MiG-29, MiG-23, Su-24 all have russian base skins under Syria. Kind of immersion breaker on a Syria map... So yeah, please update dbcountries.lua and skins :)
  4. Hi! I've just tested MiG-29A barometric altitude hold with Autopilot override and in some cases it reverts to the original altitude where you overrided it, but in the case of the video it just goes wild even if I release AP override while at level flight. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  5. Who? Me? Found this pic in another topic Just copied the imgur link. You should be able to pm me:huh:
  6. Don't want to open a topic for this, I hope is related. I noticed that Interleaved scan does not change the starting frequency on each new scan (all bars) so for example in 4B scan it does [HI MED HI MED] swap antenna up again, [HI MED HI MED] instead of changing to the inverse and do [MED HI MED HI]. Am I missing something or it should invert the scan order?
  7. OK now that I found this out that this is a bug :D let's elaborate on this a little... PDI is the required mode for AIM-7 to be able to guide, therefore is applied on STT lock. But this mode should be exclusive to AIM-7 selection, right? If I have AIM120 selected, Hi/MED PRF selection should still be applied, as it does not require a PDI radar mode to intercept, only a track file and mid-course updates. Correct? The problem I see is that either in AIM7 or AIM120 selected, we talk about 'STT' lock. According to this, these should be pretty much separated in language, as we are having PDI and STT. STT also applies on any other given ACM modes, but as soon as you select AIM-7, it enters PDI, and the other way around it goes to [not]PDI if you have aim9 or aim120 selected. What I am curious about, is how it SHOULD work?
  8. It has evolved beyond measure, so it depends on the topic.
  9. Pretty much zero footage on the web at Mi-24 at night (or its Arma3), so here you go At the airfield Firing https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=ms.c.eJxFkNsNxEAIAzs6Ycxjt~%3B~%3BGooMEfkdmLEMRNcThzUND~%3BtiARiCOyIAMcwEHWBRQfEBOOa6~_wG~_f5JzI7cScAJXw~_IBq1WId3ZIYwErYOKKlHKC9JWeLSzl2XHZCN8FO2Di8gOm05L82Yx29VnUfVCD4AOStQ7g~-.bps.a.3002415883116846&type=1&__tn__=HH-R
  10. Hi! Can you help me sort out something please? You seem the person who is capable :) We did a little test . Hornet vs Tomcat, all flown by client. The hornet was the "target", the Tomcat was the shooter. I was curious if you shoot an AIM-7 in PD mode, will the CW warning light (in addition to the 'AI') in the hornet illuminate. It did. If it should not, and corrected in game, than it can be a useful information for the defending aircraft, what defensive technique to employ. My question is, how pulse mode and CW relates to each other? How should this play out? And if I launch in SP PD mode, the radar should use a doppler mode guidance for the AIM-7, is that correct? Thanks for answering!
  11. Cool! How did you solve the voice issues? I mean, you did not record voices to callsigns I guess :) On what callsign will the units call 'me' on the radio? UPDATE - YOU DID RECORD. :shocking::shocking::shocking::shocking: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: TESTED, AWESOME! Database iss from MATS I guess :) Good job!
  12. SA disabled with CVN presence 2019.03.04 Hi! Encountered a weird one in single player. Youtube link down below, track also. Air start Hornet, default. Default CVN placed in game, no adv. wp aciton touched. (not even opened) And this disables datalink for some reason. Now if I touch ANYTHING on CVN, like deleting its tacan transmission in advanced wp actions, it all works. Its not the TACAN because with another mission I manually set that (same settings) and it also works. Attached both. The mission with '2' in the end works, the other one does not have datalink for me. Hope this helps figuring out the datalink bugs RADAR PRACTICE.miz RADAR PRACTICE2.miz
  13. Can't stop reading RIO.. I think I'll need a pilot. :) I think there is a logic typo here in AWG-9 description. Right at start, MLC is described wrong I think. The MLC switch controls how the system supresses the MLC in the radar system while in pulse doppler mode. The OUT position disables the system while the IN position enables it. The AUTO position automatically enables (<- should be disables) the MLC filter if the antenna look-up angle is greater than 3°." Or change antenna elevation reference to less :) Stated correct later on at PD SEARCH description "If the MLC switch on the DDD panel is in AUTO the radar will automatically turn off the MLC filter if looking more than 3 degrees above the horizon. It can also be turned off manually by the RIO but if the antenna looks down this can make the displays unusable in RWS and TWS as all of the ground returns will be sent to the computer for tracking. In whichever case, with the MLC filter off, the target cannot notch the AN/AWG-9 if it is above the radar." Hope I got it right.
  14. UP and +1, and include my whole squadron. There are many air force squadrons training to operate from "second day of WW3" airfileds, AKA highways. Or just grass fields. Swedish, Bulgarian, USAF Hogs, Polish Fulcrums and strike a/c list goes on... Is it possible to make it lua hacked?
  15. This manual is setting a new standard. AWESOME. Please allow me to ask if the below is wrong or I should not read it at 4am (but EGT is rarely 1000+ so my best guess it is turbine inlet temp) In the cockpit instruments section the TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature is mistakenly described as EGT. "Displays engine RPM (High-pressure compressor rotor speed (N2)), EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) and FF (Fuel Flow) for respective engine." https://heatblur.se/F-14Manual/_images/instrument-group.png https://heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html
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