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  1. When DCS A-10 module came out, they actually talked about a dynmaic campaign coming later for it. I know because I purchased the module when it came out with the hopes of seeing something similar to Falcon 4.0. I think it would be great to just get an update on the progress. I've been waiting a long, long, long time since DCS A-10 module release for it. I think just getting an overview on it and an update would go a long way to placating a lot of us folks. Thanks, John
  2. This is a wrong take. Most software companies release one early access product at a time. Here we have multiple early access products with new ones being released constantly. While others that have been released and payed for receive no updates over many, many months. It's not complaining, it's simply looks bad and I don't know if I feel great about it. I get that it takes time, but you're releasing products and people should expect updates and supports and not years later especially if considered early access. I disagree, when you have new early access products planned and others still not finished it does seem like not the best business practice. I support ED, but people have a right to complain if you purchased a product in early access and no updates have occurred since release in almost a year.
  3. It would be really great if we could import custom zones like Killboxes on SA Page in the Hornet and other fighters.
  4. I get that, but at the same time when you're releasing multiple products all in early access you can't help but feel like there is some money grab going on. I understand they're different teams, but it's been a long time since really any updates for an early access product. I think when you see Apache, Mossie, and other products it just gets a little concern. It's not a knock on ED, but just providing some feedback from a customer who has bought a lot of modules to support ED as well.
  5. Yeah, this feature is really inconsistent. I developed a really cool mission for Hueys, but the AI aircraft would land on top of each other. The soldiers would only work 30 percent of the time even when the helos landed within the defined radius. Also I hope the infantry work includes loading and unloading aircraft. Would be great feature for us Helo pilots. Especially, if we ever get a Blackhawk. Cheers
  6. Wish it were something like this
  7. I wouldn't agree with your assessment. You have the F-4, A-7, F-8, Huey, Mig-21, Mig-19, Mig-17, and potentially the AH-1 Cobra. You also have Heatblur working on an A-6 Intruder and the Forrestal. You have almost everything you need. The SAMs are there for the most part.
  8. No. You would only have to modify the ATO and mission waypoints if it's anything like Falcon BMS.
  9. One it takes time setting up that many planes for clients with appropriate callsigns and numbers. Also, if you want to have actual waypoints, you have to do a flight plan for each flight since it can't be added through a data cartridge and has to be manually inputted. The environment is also very static without ground forces really moving without manual intervention. Overall, it just takes time. We've tried importing multiple combat flite into one mission file and that sort of works, but still ugly. It's just a long process. Also, the scripting involve also provides some challenges when it doesn't work as expected.
  10. Vietnam is a pivotal change in military tactics and capabilities. It's also a neglected conflict for an air war. It was the introduction of missiles, but still required BFM skills. It's a perfect cross between modern day and WWII. The missiles were unreliable and you were still required to use piloting skills. The Hueys were massive in Vietnam. I hope some day we will be able to recreate this conflict in DCS.
  11. This topic is why ED needs to get Dynamic Campaign in multiplayer ASAP. I suspect a lot of players want to do online play, but with the current state of MP, it's repetitive or too time consuming. We have a 100 person group, but it's a challenge to design missions that involves everyone. It can take hours or even days depending on how many people decide to show.
  12. It would be awesome if you could try to build a virtual pen to use these controllers with to write notes. It may be too difficult, but it would help in VR.
  13. If you go into combat makes tactical decisions easier. For just flying around, sure those others are fun, but while I love the Tomcat, I would not want to take it to combat instead of the 18. The SA of the F/A-18 makes it worth it. It's a beast to learn all the systems and weapons and be able to employ them effectively.
  14. With the upcoming release of DCS's dynamic campaign engine, I know a lot of flight simmers who aren't into combat, but very interested in logistics. With the logistics focus of the dynamic campaign engine it would open up new possibilities for simmers who are interested in hauling equipment and troops throughout the theater of operations. C-130s, C5 Galaxies may be something these pilots would love to fly.
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