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  1. Confirmation that the issue still exists in stable release.
  2. I confirm V18 is compatible with the later stable release, but no with the previous one.
  3. could you give step by step the way to create a server, and play on this server ? the 2 DCS applications running on the same rig.
  4. I'll wait next stable version to use this mod.
  5. V16 is ok for me, impossible to use V17 or V18 on stable version (no mod shader installed). Can somebody confirm that V18 is compatible with stable version ?
  6. Could we have a link to the previous V16 issue ? the V17 fails on my rig.
  7. I tested it in F/A18 in dogfight and it works.
  8. Sometimes AI crashes on the ground when you are on his six at high speed and ground level, AI doesn't take shot like a human on one circle fight.
  9. Is the MFD dedicated to AGM88C is SOI (little diamond on top-right of the MFD) ? It's ok for me.
  10. I found the behavior of the RWS-AACQ has changed since few months ,now : 1) The radar is on RWS mode with AACQ. 2) When a track appears on MFD (like a cross), it doesn't lock automatically. 3) I need to do a switch right again to lock (radar on right MFD) to lock the target. Before : 1) The radar is on RWS mode with AACQ. 2) When a track appears on MFD (like a cross), it locks it automatically. Can somebody confirm the behavior ?
  11. I guess the line "disable_write_track = true" prevent DCS from recording track files for replays, not tacview files.
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