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  1. Loving the module. Had the hovering down quite good. But after position hold was implemented, it made engaging from behind cover much more enjoyable. Making use of the TSD for positioning. Planing your entry and exit. Plenty to focus on until the FCR gets implemented.
  2. Don't know how you go about setting up for hover. But what I found to be working quite good for myself is trimming everything as good as I can. Almost stable hover, then engage the "hold mode". I'm usually trimmed out, feet off the pedals and only using small inputs on my cyclic to keep position. At that moment I engage "hold mode". Works perfectly every time.
  3. Where does it say you should use some other D3Dcompiler? All it says is you need to rename or delete it. In other words, you did not follow the instructions. Hope this helps
  4. Tested it before the patch. But as it is now I have no chance to reach such frames. It might work on Nevada. But I think I have to do some digging to find out what is taking up my GPU resources.
  5. Not just me who felt something changed last patch. I was gone at work for 2 weeks, came back and updated. Also did the whole setup again with the latest files. Had buttersmooth performance before I left. With frames locked @ 45 FPS flying in Caucasus. First thing I noticed when I got back after update was stutter again. Did repair/clean etc, still no joy. Repair/clean another time and a completed reinstall of OpenXR with the newest tools. Everything seems to work as it should. But even with MR locked @ 30 FPS in the tool, and 40-50% overhead on my CPU, my 6900XT seems to have issues. Random times it misses target, and if I try to lock MR @ 45 FPS I get missed target all the time in the tool. Frametimes seems to be around 20-22 ms constantly. Any tips? Most settings are high, but MSAA = Off, same with shadows on the ground, and clouds set to standard.
  6. Don't think there is any issue with the VR tracking. If it had been a problem you should have seen the same issue when using the TADS as your overlay on IHADSS. And the problem is consistent either you are doing a small movement or a large one. It's very easy to replicate as well. Just fire up the bird on a helipad. Activate PNVS, find something that stands out in the PNVS, like a treeline or something. And just move the head up and down. Don't do it in complete darkness as you want to see the treeline/object as a reference. Also adjust the brightness etc, to make it more visible. When you move the head up and down, you should see that the picture from the PNVS "lags" behind. When moving the head up, the overlay from PNVS will "drag/move" above the actual treeline for a brief second before it "snaps" down and comes in "sync" with the actual treeline. Makes using the PNVS a "stutter party" and a real pain to fly at night in VR. The faster you move you head up, higher above the actual treeline you are able to "drag" the PNVS picture before it snaps down.
  7. I have done some practice mission in Nevada, which is fairly flat. Against SA-13 and 300 systems I have not had much problem getting close to them and in LOS to launch hellfires. Sometimes I get locked if I have to go over lower powerlines. But as long as I stay low, around 20 feet, sometimes less, they have a hard time getting you. My tactic when I train is usually go low when I get the radar warning. As I then have a general idea of what direction they are located, and use the terrain to try and hide. If I see a small hill or mountain I try to position myself into a nice stable hover on the backside. I use the FPV as Wags showed in one of the landing tutorials to guide myself into the right position. After that I go into a stable hover at roughly 20 feet. When you have positioned yourself all trimmed out, it's much easier to sneak yourself higher to peek over the ridge or slip sideways. I also like to stay about 6-7 km away from target. Hellfire has roughly 8 km standoff range, use it. If you have proper range, it's also easier to slip down in cover again without panicking if you are suddenly launched at. As you won't panic and dump to much collective. A lot of youtube videos are showing people hovering at 100 feet or more trying to launch hellfires before they are picked off by some random AA. Or they are sticking their neck out at the top of a hill only to drift past what is supposed to give the cover if they need to pop back down again. I'm not where I want to be when it comes to hovering, but when you start getting the hang for it, it's much easier to move yourself into the positions you want without getting blown out of the sky. Before I got it under some control I tended to get a bit to high unintentionally, followed by a big bang . All systems should be ready when you are coming in. Setting up for hovering behind cover at 20 feet and keeping it stable, while trying to avoid AA is no time to go heads down in the MFD's to configure stuff. PS, I'm still a noob, and it was much easier in Longbow 2
  8. Locking in toolkit is only in regard to MR isnt it? I have to look at my CPU as well now. Had very smooth frames, until I came within the range of a SAM site. Very small mission in Nevada, just as target practice with the Apache. So either my CPU needs to be dialed in, or there is some issue with how the simulation handles radar sites and the EW systems in the apache. When the radar was destroyed everything was back to normal again. Stutter in my opinion is when I can clearly see the frame is "jumping" or "skipping" along. Regardless of how clear it is. There is no tearing or artifacts, but one can see that frames are "skipping" or "jumping" maybe 2-3 frames, before having a moment of smooth frames again. That is maybe my biggest dealbreaker when it comes to games or simulations. "Ghosting" or "blurred" for me is when I can not see a clear picture/outline of an object. Example a tree or house on my 3-9 line. A little bit like when things are moving to fast to actually focus and get a clear picture. But the motion is smooth. If we had a working MR without artifacts that would have been my go-to as a setting. AS it would have given both a smooth experience AND a clear picture on the 3-9 line. Anyone saying they don't have any stutter with MR off and just letting the frames go up and down at free will, simply is not as sensitive to stutter/inconsistent framerates as some others are. And in some way I envy them
  9. Only Riva Tuner. MR off in OpenXR, used toolkit for some adjustment on colours. Have only tested with the Apache, so I can't give any opinion on how it looks in a fast mover. Up high I can guess it gives a smooth experience. Down low the ghosting might be a bit much? I don't know.
  10. Don't think so. I think you can download Riva Tuner as a stand alone, but I got it together with MSI Afterburner. I don't use any of the Afterburner features though. My overclock is done with Radeon Software.
  11. Finally! My stutters I got with Radeon Chill is gone. I used Riva Tuner instead. Locked it at 45 FPS, and off I went. Yes, I have some slight ghosting/blurred view on my 3-9 line, but the smooth ride skimming 20 Feet over the terrain in the Apache with clear cockpit and no artifacts from MR is well worth it. Also, when in hover the blurred view on the 3-9 line is not an issue, as you are almost stationary and moving very little. So there is no ghosting basically. 60Hz could have given me better clarity overall, but at the cost of visible refresh in the G2 and hardly any spare capacity for the GPU. Very happy right now. Thank you all who have made inputs and suggestions. Does FSR work now? See multiple people running with it. But know from the start that it was bugged.
  12. Looks like I have to test riva tuner then. I tried limiting the fps in graphics.lua file. But it had no effect. Doesn't the maxFPS commandline have any effect on VR output?
  13. Only AV I have is the default Microsoft one. And I don't run RGB lighting. Hate it I think it's more with the AMD software then DCS. Did the same test with Radeon Chill Off. No drop in appGPU. As soon as I actiavte the Radeon Chill I get appGPU drops every 8 second or so. So here is a different question then. What am I supposed to get (see) with Open XR? With Radeon Chill deactivated and 70-80 FPS in cockpit (Lowest settings) I have a very noticable microstutter when looking at the ground texture. I guess it's due to out of sync with the refreshrate of the G2. Looking furter away it's no big deal. But down low in the apache it's an absolute no go for me. The sweet thing with the Radeon Chill was that I had the smoothness over the ground I got with MR on, without the MR artifacts. But I got the "blurryness" on my 3-9 line when moving. Wich for me was no big deal. With Radeon Chill off and 70-80 FPS I feel I have like 60-70% amount of stutter, but it's constant. If it's due to the refreshrate, I guess it's only MR on or 60 HZ left to try....
  14. I do get a "blurry" effect if looking to the 3-9 line. Hard to focus on anything. But the "smoothness" in flight is in my opinion better then OpenXR with MR off. As the inconsistent frames generated by fluctuating FPS is worse on the immersion then a "blurry" view to the 3-9 line when flying. It also gives me the benefit of no MR artifacts. I did some more testing on the appGPU drop. I get the same drop when zoomed in to the ground, keeping my view still. Also the same drop within the menus in DCS. One can not see the stutter on the FPS counter in either DCS or the toolkit. Only numbers I have found to actually tell me "something" is happening is the appGPU drop as it happens.
  15. @edmuss @TED Checked the overlay. Seems to be running in the area of 9000 on the appGPU when zooming around on freecam with everything at the lowest and MR off. So if that is the same as around 9ms, I easily tip over 11ms if overhead is added. appCPU is only at 3000-5000. I have no overclock on that one right now. And checking Ryzen Master I'm not even close to max frequenzy on stock settings. Found something interesting though. Everytime time I get the stutter, my appGPU falls with about 500 points. Zoom aorund, appGPU in the area of 9500. Same time as stutter, appGPU dips down to 8900-9000, then recover. Every time at 8-10 second interval. appCPU is the same. No dipps.
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