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  1. pyromaniac4002 - F/A-18C I can fly... I'm a pilot.
  2. Just a heads-up, my RIO F99th-Kocrachon won't be able to make it because he's busy cleaning up after the Texas weather situation. F99th-Alphaskoom or someone else may be able to take his place if it isn't a problem.
  3. An 80s F-16 in the USAF wouldn’t have Fox 1 capability anyways, they would be slinging Sidewinders like the original Lightweight Fighter concept. So far as I know only a handful of F-16s in US service got Sparrow capability with the Air Defense Fighter variant for the Air National Guard and I don’t think that even happened until very late 80s or early 90s. All that to say, it’s actually completely reasonable to keep the Fox 3s out even if the Vipers are left with heaters only, they’re only going to be outranged by a couple miles and it’s pretty easy to see and defend a Fox 1 at max range. It’ll be cool to have the dogfighters complimenting the longer range stuff. I think that’s the best way to move forward in light of the problem we’re dealing with.
  4. F99th-pyromaniac4002 F-14B Pilot/F99th-Kocrachon F-14B RIO Looking forward to it!
  5. Yeah that's much closer to what I've got.. Thanks.
  6. I guess this is the right place to post this: Been happening off and on, this was a particularly horrible one and I happened to catch it on a recording.
  7. Considering the indignities of the last month (a national dialog on bidets because everyone panic-bought toilet paper qualifies I think) and the widespread suffering and worry around the world, the delay of Supercarrier is the last thing I'm upset about. The odds are pretty good that this pandemic is represented somewhere in the neighborhood of anyone who might be reading this forum, frankly it's pretty absurd to think the employees at ED could go on unaffected or without distraction to their work when you've got coronavirus screwing so many things up in your own backyard. Anyone playing the "you set the date, not me" card over this needs to get real. A global pandemic is beyond the scope of ED's timeline estimations and if you've been around DCS long enough to be so cynical, you know better than to think that date was set with an abundance of time to fix a nagging bug or two. Very much appreciate the update and the efforts at communication and transparency. I'm as anxious as anybody to get on the TR and thoroughly test the new holdback arms, but while I can't do that today it really does help to see good faith efforts at fixing the DCS development process. Thank you and best wishes to you and the rest of ED, Kate. Hope everyone is healthy and getting by just fine.
  8. Total nonsense. If you want the product but can't handle delays or quality control problems, buy it when it's in the state you find acceptable; buying it and whining about problems does very little to deliver your message to the people who are in a position to address them. If ED has to close up shop because you took responsibility for your end of the transaction, so be it. Otherwise, bottle up the feelings of anguish and disappointment and grow a tumor like the rest of us.
  9. Wasn’t sure if I could make it, but if there’s still room— F99th-pyromaniac4002 - F-14B RIO for F99th-Mataman
  10. Excellent Red Flag Rumble, thank you 104th for hosting as always! And congratulations to you communist Fishbed bastards on the 2-0 win! If I may offer one piece of feedback, I would suggest that Slmod be removed from the equation in the future. To me it seems the design objective regarding who's dead and who gets to come back is based around realism, people who (most regrettably) tally up a teamkill (or teamhit, I believe there was also at least one kick for that) and go on to live with the shame are not dead and completely capable of flying back to recover their aircraft and pilot. But of course Slmod steps in and artificially removes them from the situation, and at least in my situation I was not allowed to come back in afterwards despite my not being in combat at the time I was kicked in the first round. TKs are lame and penalties are a totally reasonable response, but in an event like this I don't think it belongs. It's a penalty two-for-one to the entire team, and it seemed like a pretty decisive factor in the first round contributing to blue's loss. And of course, they're always gonna happen; in my case I was firing a Sidewinder at an enemy, at the time I pressed and held pickle I had solid tone and no friendlies in my field of view, by the time the missile released a friendly flew from under my nose where I couldn't see him (I was in a right hand turn tracking the target) and passed between the target and myself with full afterburners and lured the missile away. I don't think I could have reasonably avoided that outcome, so if we were going for the full-realism angle I think my court of inquiry wouldn't hang me completely out to dry, but Slmod did it anyway and took the whole team along for the ride. EDIT: I should also note that I don't believe there was any discussion of being kicked for TK and disallowed from rejoining during the briefing on the rules, and as it happened it caught a lot of people out. If that's intended behavior, please be sure to mention it in the next briefing. Looking forward to the next one!
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