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  1. I am still having this issue on 2.7... anyone else?
  2. Unfortunately, no we cannot do that specifically with dynamic bort numbers. In the lua code for dynamic bort numbers, they are fixed to specific locations. The only way I know to have numbers that large and in those locations would be to have them as their own liveries, ex Blue Angel 1, Blue Angel 2,... If you'd want it like that, I or someone else could make it for you - if its not already made...
  3. I like how you painted the WinWing Throttle white to simulate the F-14, can't go wrong with the best throttle on the market!
  4. What is it made out of, what material are you using?
  5. So I am running 4x BU036X, 2x BBI-64, 1x BBI-32, TRP, Winwing Throttle, Winwing Stick, 1x TM MFD, an extra keyboard dedicated to my F-18 pit, and a tablet for VRKneeboard. All of these are going through 2x 10 port USB HUBs. When my pit is not in use, the HUBs are un-plugged from my PC and the pit is stored out of the way of my desk. Every so often, like once a month, 1 or 2 of the Leo Bodnar boards will "loose" keybindings. What I see is, they have not so much as lost the bindings but the bindings are crossed between the boards, like my BU036X that is bound to my UFC will now be bound to my right back BU036X which controls cockpit lighting/INS/RDR/TPOD, etc. What I learned is all I have to do is just plug the USB HUBs and plug them back in, and the loss of my keybindings is fixed.
  6. I'm sorry, but "because its open beta" is not an excuse for ED to implement changes and then completely fail to implement said changes on their own product. This change should have stayed in an internal build until it was ready to push out in an OP patch, especially when its only half done and not even applied on the default skins.
  7. Thanks, this fixes the tail, but the Nose, Intake, and Fuel Door are still messed up and still showing the background color. Seriously, why is ED making these changes and not even updating the stock skins? Why is it our job to figure this stuff out on our own?
  8. Comm 1 & 2, as Push Encoders are a must.
  9. I would only consider the P-51 Throttle if you included the K-14 Gun Sight version with a twist grip.
  10. Gun Maximum Range See pages 275-276 of the Hornet Early Access Guide
  11. Same issue, light fluctuates being seen and unseen through the wing and aircraft at different LODs. At far distance the F-18 is a glowing red ball of light. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543358251694292992/717936406139371560/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543358251694292992/717936468806336512/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543358251694292992/717936941034766397/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543358251694292992/717936994377793536/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/543358251694292992/717937046609592381/unknown.png
  12. THIS ^ Don't implement change for the sake of change. If you are going to change how bort numbers are displayed for the better, fine. BUT IT HAS TO WORK. In the current state is doesn't. This is doing nothing but causing issues that livery makers can't fix because its hard coded. This is just another example of ED changing/pushing something half-assed, not working, and unfinished. Same thing with the surprised change to the F/A-18C Helmets, nothing about it in the change log, and even default liveries are incorrect. In the military we have a term for this, the good idea fairy. Whats next, are they going to change the F/A-18C bort numbers too?
  13. Has anyone figured out how to remove the grey background from the numbers?
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