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  1. That worked. looking forward to trying this out. Thanks Rudel_chw
  2. Does anyone have a working link to their discord server? All the links I have found come back invalid.
  3. In OB 2.7.11 some of the western side of the map has been removed. I have no issue with this, except that any late activated groups that were located in the region that has been removed are no longer accessible. The Units are still there, just cant physically scroll to there location in the ME. not an issue if its just a handful, But I have over 2000 late activated groups located in a region of the map that I can no longer access.
  4. Tested again in 2.7.11 Ground vehicles still unable to follow a route smoothly when using "go to waypoint" task. No complaints, just thought I'd bring it up again as its been a while since I reported it.
  5. @JeffreyC @Scotch75 The link to the modified file isn't working for me anymore. I will post a copy the modified LUA file. Replace the me_logbook.lua file in your C:/EagleDynamics/DCS World/MissionEditor/modules Directory me_logbook.lua
  6. Hello @Scotch75 I have fixed the F/A-18 Follow me vehicle blocking the runway in mission 1. I checked the rest of the missions, it seems it was only the first mission that was effected. Thanks for letting me know. The updated file can be downloaded here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313504/
  7. Hello Scotch75 Can I ask what aircraft you were flying?
  8. Just went through the patch notes for It mentions there is a new key bind for "Minigun Fire", however I cannot find this in the list of key bindings.
  9. I am unable to fire the minigun in the gazelle. I have armed the master arm switch. Taken the gunners seat and toggled the "fire gun/rockets" key bind however nothing happens. is anyone else experiencing this? Also, I believe it was once to be possible to move the minigun with the mouse in VR. having the gun locked to your head movement is undesirable. Thanks.
  10. Hello JeffreyC. I have updated the Campaign for compatibility with 2.7.9 I have updated the MOOSE file, changed the airbase names and modified all of the "Follow Me" vehicles. The vehicles were disabling the runway for the instructor. I have also made a number of small changes to the clouds and changed the Tanker frequencies. Thanks again, It makes me very happy to know people are still enjoying the campaign. Latest version can be downloaded from here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313504/
  11. I noticed that AI F-14A/B cannot use Aim-54 recently. I have tried many different options to get them to use Phoenix but nothing seems to work. They will only engage with Aim-7 or Aim-9. I have not seen this reported anywhere, I am interested to know if others are seeing the same thing. Thanks, F-14_BUG.trk f-14 test.miz
  12. This would be a Great addition. Thanks for the update Polychop.
  13. If a ground unit enters and then exits an active runway, The runway is disabled for about 5 minutes after the ground unit has exited the runway. Not sure if this is a Bug or a feature but this started occurring in the latest OB 2.7.7 RUNWAY TEST.miz RUNWAY DISABLED.trk
  14. @Flappie i noticed a distinct change in the ground units path tracing in the latest OB 2.7.7 If you try the test mission I attached, you’ll see the ground unit path tracing is not smooth between waypoints. It jerks around and appears to defy physics at times. if you run the same test mission on stable, you’ll find it completes the course normally. The waypoints are issued Using the task “go to waypoint 12, go to waypoint 13” etc. when the units are following a normal set of waypoints ie. 1-2-3-4 path tracing is normal.
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