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  1. I've respawned multiple times in the same server and it hasn't changed unfortunately
  2. First time I thought Jester had frozen, and tried to select an alignment only after a noticeable pause when I realised the TID repeater was not working, this was a CV alignment so there was some time. Second time, I selected a land based aircraft and made sure to select fine alignment as soon as the option came up, same result however. HSD worked both times
  3. Hi all, Just had two occasions in MP where Jester was running through the alignment - at least I think - but the TID repeater was just a black screen, not showing alignment process or any of the AWG-9 symbology.
  4. Thats exactly it, happened again to me just now. Setting him 'inactive' did the trick this time
  5. No this was definitely a bug, I was sitting in observation and he was looped 'a little left' interjecting with his comments
  6. Only experienced it just now in MP. Missed the basket of the KC-135MPRS and Jester started repeating all of his quips about missing, didn't give any other callouts. Turned Jester inactive in the menu, then back on, and he carried on repeating. Turned him to silent, and back on, and he carried on repeating. Only after breaking from the tanker, probe back in, and turning him inactive did that reset him back to normal and we carried on.
  7. Also experiencing this, almost as if theres a runaway trim. Uncommanded roll both left and right at all flight regimes
  8. Is it me or does the weathering look a little toned down compared to pics of the front seat?
  9. Will there be a mix of hi-vis and lo-vis schemes? Looking forwards to some colourful Cats
  10. Will we be getting some CAG or Aggressor birds as default skins? ED have done such stunning work with the hi-vis USMC skins it would be a shame to see some of the more colourful USN skins. Thanks all!
  11. Thank you Sir, this thread is a breath of fresh air
  12. Around 3nm, running hot about on my 1 o'clock edit: could well have been a ping issue, 104th for my rural UK internet sits about 200ms
  13. Similar issue just now on the 104th, low level high closure rate the WACQ mode was showing the target 30 degrees left and down when actually the Flanker was sat right on my nose, and even turning into where the symbology showed the Flanker to be (which was actually beneath the ground) the symbology was still showing ~30 degrees regardless of turn rate.
  14. Hi all, I've upgraded my gaming PC and to work around redownloading DCS I've just ported the SSD over to the new build and it runs just fine, but DCS doesn't show up in the program lists in explorer, and all the .exes don't have icons etc etc. How can I get windows to recognise DCS as a program just on a different drive without redownloading? Many thanks
  15. Giving players the opportunity to push jets off boats is going to go well
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