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  1. https://youtu.be/L3fJzr5LY48
  2. May be is that... I found the ILS problem with the Marianas theater, then I went to caucaso, thinking the problem could be the map... and I test it in kobuleti, I should try other airports then... I will post the results here when I try it
  3. Is the ILS working? I am unable to get it work correctly. the vertical line always drive me out of the runway (really far away)
  4. When preccise coordenates are activated, the coordenate is overlaped. See the pictures Here it is the TRACK file -> https://mega.nz/file/KlMVyCKI#s1BIA5dnCpHLk2ir8nzbCoGhsY1teUgFv9hi2jIr6nQ
  5. Found the problem This bug only happens when ypu had eddited your file manually (with notepad++) https://mega.nz/file/iotgHSjZ#7KYue0nlIpAfg0N06qv8EviBtpDmdzqEoIPvx_S7B3I With the default file works as expected, but at the moment you edit or used this file... broke... I updated the las default ini file with my own programs and this bug happens
  6. TRACK FILE HERE: https://mega.nz/file/KolmAYZQ#aJCowqQ8OdVwJbwTOon84i-isMjSmp9NVXEWP1S77B4 See this pictures for better view:
  7. TRACK FILE HERE: https://mega.nz/file/Ck9WCYaJ#n0VR7IMoGsX_8xAnXsOy3r_-bN69lICi0Ok_4Ec3Y4c When you get a primary target in TWS and you change the radar representation with bullseye activated, the bullseye values change (sometimes huge change) They should be the target bullseye constanly
  8. I have similar problem In any mission I only can release one salvo of chaff or flares TRACK REPLAY HERE: https://mega.nz/file/Tpt2nYrY#MakDc4pMItHUdg3nj6qHUBuGdYAJs8TM4c-PzKlxXCI
  9. I hope you enjoy the video :D 53 planes trying to land
  10. Nice work!!! keep going :D But remind, those yellow and black borders are reserved for emergency procedures not for normal kneboards :D
  11. Hi there, I made a serie of videos where the AI perform dogfight between them. The rules was very simple, Excellent and only 50% of fuel. Not all planes, but a lot of modules: FW-190 A8 ,I-16, SPITFIRE, BF-109, P-51, FW-190 DORA, F14, F18 F16, F5, MIRAGE 2000, HARRIER, MIG29, MIG21, MIG19, MIG15, JF-17 Here it is the playlist: As the videos are in spanish language may be you only want to see the final: (start at 2:00) Or at least the best kill of the tournament: I hope you enjoy the videos and play safe!!! :D
  12. Track Files https://mega.nz/#!DwVnnazY!ovprBa9x15X9I_DNkwpm7U3NpUYyK9ZT0VoHxMZ4FpY When you fire a RB75 (any model), the missile looks like an a harpoon, dive to fly near the water and at the end of the trayectory make a pop up and hit the target...
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