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  1. What about the red canopy eject button, is it already known?
  2. I have tested the lights again at night and it actually illuminates a little more below the plane but the two landing lamps are not animated, they do not show up as on.
  3. When selecting the taxi or landing light, they are the same type of light
  4. When you eject the canopy via the red button and request repair at the base, the canopy does not repair. The landing lights three position there any difference between them? Landing light and taxi light? I noticed that there is an emergency flood light switch and lights on the side plates but none is working.
  5. There was no drift in the system and it kept showing the value from 3 to 5 on the ternav. Since the beginning of the mission, it was flying at 450-500 meters altitude. I'll try again to accomplish the mission by creating a navigation fix to see if anything changes. For now thank you very much for your help @Sideburns and @LazyBoot. I will test and then come back to post if it worked or not.
  6. Yes, I'm switching to BER. The problem is that the data collected by ELINT and the current position of the unit within the bounding box are not correct. The error I'm encountering is that the bounding box isn't showing up. I have attached the images of where the SA-15 is and where the ELINT is marking. Am I doing something wrong? Using combatflite and https://elint-app.firebaseapp.com/
  7. I created a test mission, circled around the target, but when I land at the airport to download the data, it's still giving an error. ELINTData.info Viggen_test.miz
  8. I'm trying to use the ELINT system but when I land the aircraft and change the switch to the BER position, the triangulation doesn't show correctly on the website https://elint-app.firebaseapp.com/. It stays off the map. I used combatflite and it doesn't show triangulation either. I turn the master mode switch to SPA, jammer operational mode to A and jammer mode to K. I go towards the target and when i'm detected, after a few seconds, I turn to the right and walk away, then I go towards the target again and do the same procedure several times. It does not show the triangulation box and is completely off the map. Does anyone have any tutorial on how to use this tool correctly?
  9. Changing the polarity doesn't help much either.
  10. Is it working properly? When activated, it is only at the bottom of the HUD and it is very bright, even changing the brightness and contrast on the panel below the hud, I cannot see anything.
  11. With the new update, it is now possible to rearm all aircraft close to FARP objects. My question is this: Do I necessarily need to place FARP or just vehicles or buildings for this system to work?
  12. I had replaced aim-120B with Sparrow, but I would have to modify the triggers to work and I don't know how to adjust the part where it detects the information in the rwr. I never understood the part where it marks the underlined buttons that you have to click. I don't know where to get the ID codes to put these triggers on. Is there no trigger to make Ai attack only in STT?
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