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  1. Ah, thanks for clarifying! I was testing with the mission editor, so I just plonked down some tanks, but then I guess they are cold.
  2. I remember being able to see targets with the IRMAV, but like in the example above, now I really don't see anything anymore just a dark green field. Is there some way to improve the contrast, or go to white-hot mode?
  3. That's curious, and then they fly home with several potentially damaged missiles that then have to be disposed of? Or would they break them open to see if the propellant is still good?
  4. For helos the spring tension on racing pedals may be a bit high, and probably different between the left and right pedal. I have the VKB pedals, and they are very light to move, I can fly without rudder trim. With racing pedals I think you will get cramped feet/legs if you want to do that.
  5. Regrettably, Petrovich still doesn't know about VRS.
  6. Interesting. Though I suppose the Mi8 had no cargo or weapons loaded? Empty transport helos have a lot of spare power.
  7. Exactly, I would expect the whole thing to roll over, or at least tilt off the right wheel a lot sooner. It's quite a tall and narrow machine. Thanks for the advice, although drifting it around the airfield also has a certain appeal.
  8. You can enable rudder trim in the "special" menu (accessible from main menu settings). Then trimming also trims the anti-torque, then you can release it so long as you keep going at the same attitude.
  9. Also if you have rudder trim disabled?
  10. So.. apparently it's working as intended, but here are two shots of what I meant: It's actually kind of fun to try and do it on purpose.
  11. I noticed just now that there seems to be very little grip (or little weight) on the rear wheels. Even with collective fully down, you can skid/drift the rear wheels, moving to the side rather than straight ahead and turning with the front wheel. It seems unrealistic, as there should be a lot of weight on those wheels. It's obvious in the startup training mission when you taxi to the runway and are not careful with the controls.
  12. I had some initial weird behaviour with the "special options" in the main menu; it would trim the anti-torque, even though I disabled that option, and it showed the control helpers despite disabling them. I think checking and unchecking all those options a few times fixed it for me. oh, yes, and I pulled a very sharp turn just now, and that spun the whole thing out of control
  13. Thanks for the advice. I don't have trouble flying, but I do have trouble getting it trimmed to fly straight without constant input using the same method as the hip.
  14. Humans aren't machines, sometimes we misjudge things for inexplicable reasons. Most of the times I parallel park my car in one go, and sometimes I end up wrong, and I have to correct.
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