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  1. I agree with you, since this is an old bug. I understand that what's keeps them rolling is putting out new modules and cool features. But they should take the time to fix those bugs as well. Ideally they should put alot of resources on bug fixing and most importantly the graphic engine (vulkan stuff etc...) fix this horrible anti aliasing...
  2. And I thought I was doing something wrong during the Oilfield Campaign (the campaign is unplayable). This problem is really annoying and need to be fixed asap.
  3. Yep great improvement on the Hornet, you can now hear the hook dragging on carrier landing and catapult sound on take off
  4. 28.5 GB of download here wow that's a big one ! (unpacking 51.4 GB)
  5. That’s a very valid point even though you were a bit drunk lol Like I said, focusing on learning the hornet more doesn't I'll forget about the viper. It's impossible cause it is very satisfying to fly it
  6. Thanks for the feedback Tango. Just to clarify, I already have the viper and been flying it for some time. My choice is in which module should I spend more time learning the systems. Indeed like Donglr said, the Viper is really satifying to fly. i don't know, there's something about it that makes you stay always precise, compared to the Hornet which is a more "forgiving" aircraft. I tried the JF-17 back when all modules were free, and infact it seemed to be a very well done plane on it's recent release already. But I already have too much aircraft to learn and I didn't want to add one more :)
  7. Thank you guys for your great advice ! it's really helpful (considering the complexity of the Sim). Indeed only I can decide, but if I want be reasonable I'll have to concentrate on the F-18 (@bart I have the super carrier module as well). When I saw the new update vids for the F18 I had two reactions 1) great ! New functions implemented! 2) Oh s%#t new stuff I'll have to learn on top the things I still don't master :) but it's a good problem to have :)
  8. Hi, I'm obsiously enjoying both modules and I like both of them. But because I can't spend too much time on DCS, I'd like to have some advices from you guys. I want to focus more on one of these two modules, but can't decide which one. Does the F-16 has been updated with enough systems so that it's worth learning it in more details compare to the F/A 18 ? Thanks !
  9. Yeah this is what I thought and experience. But there was one occasion where I "fixed" a stutter issue doing this after changing some settings, but I'm not sure if that was linked. It'd good if someone could give us more infos on that.
  10. Hi, just a quick question, is deleting the content of those files still relevant today ? In which case you have to do that ? I had the habit of doing this after an update or when I changed my graphic settings. Thanks
  11. Yeah... same here noticable fps drop after today's update. Must be due to the new lighting in the cockpit
  12. After reading the above comments, I guess I'll be the first to make a... well, not negative but certainly not a "wow! it's f@%ing amazing" comment. When you try the rift for the first, it's quite impressive, you feel like you're in the cockpit BUT NOT at 100% due to the resolution even with pixel density. It's not as beatiful as you would think. looking through the rift it's like looking at a retrojection on a wall. It's hard to explain but this is not impressive at all. secondly, the performance.. you really have to turn down alot of settings to have decent fps. I went back to regular screen last week and I really think DCS is beatifull when you have the graphics on high. And after a while of not using the rift, I kind of forgot it as it is really not comfortable to have something this heavy on your face. Some people say that you kind of ignore the resolution after a while, well I don't agree with that... for example when I come in on final approche, I really notice it and it's really bad looking at the runway.
  13. Plus we all have to remember that in RL you have much more input from the aircraft (to your sense of equilibrium etc...) to just simple visual cue in a simulator like DCS (as good as it can be).
  14. Just little remark on the video. there's no co-pilot and no camera installed on top, so a there's a different Weight and balance situation here. Anyway, it will be nice to know what the real pilots will say about that..
  15. I have the MS FFB2 and a VKB Defender. I'd say both have their advantage and downside. With the FFB2 the advantage and fun is huge with "old" aircrafts and helicopters. But the FFB2 is not very precise. I'm not saying it's bad but compare to the VKB you can really notice the difference in precision, as VKB has longer range. Aloso the problem with the FFB2 is the lack of button and the "notchy" feel when you pull the stick. It would be great if we the best of both worlds. I know there's the logitech G940, but I heard it's not quite good as the FFB2 (althought I never tried one, so I can't say for sure).
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