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  1. Ok im an idiot! I had mistaken openxr tools for openxr toolkit. Fsr is working, and with motion projection on i have a steady 45 fps now @ 100 percent res. And as far as i can tell vr is only bottlenecked by my gpu as changing res does affect frametime, and i only get the cpu bound message on the loading screen. Thanks again!
  2. Ok thanks for the clarification . Apparently the 1080ti doesn't support FSR/FFR. So those options are not shown to me in openxr toolkit. My app_gpu is around 18, and post_gpu is around 18/19. i'll see what happens when changing resolutions, cheers
  3. I'm not realy familiar with FSR/FFR, are these shader mods? I tried running dcs at 75 percent res in the openxr toolkit. But app_gpu and post_gpu combined is still at 36ms. I've also previously tried putting the g2 below 90 hz. But the hmd really starts to flicker at lower hz in my opinion.
  4. Yea i don't know, 30 is a bit low and kinda miss the sharpness and colors of the reshade mod. But i'll compare it a bit better when i have the time. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for explaining, makes sense. I only have a 1080ti, so i guess thats my problem then.
  6. I just tried this, and it works. But the problem i have with this is if i set motion reprojection off in openxr tools, i get 55 fps with stutters. And if i turn it on i get 30 fps but smooth. While in steamvr i have 45 fps smooth. Any sugestion to fix this? (i'm sorry if this is already explained, didn't want to read 88 pages)
  7. I'm gonna lean more to vietnam era aircraft. I think the vietnam conflict had one of the most interesting air campaigns. Also a south-east asian map of that time would be a wet dream!
  8. I tried again yesterday and was able to fly for at least an hour. I suspect malwarebytes was the culprit.
  9. Same here i guess I'm gonna need to take a break from dcs untill there's a fix. The longest i can run a mission is like 5-10 minutes before steam vr crashes, but mostly its within 2 minutes of running a mission. Opting out of wmr beta makes no difference. I really wanted to fly the hind. .:sadface:.
  10. I keep on getting svr crash, tried updating windows/ updated gpu drivers, switched between beta and normal on both wmr and svr. Downloaded the redist x64 manually. Still crashes. I've been trying to fix it for a couple of hours, really wanted to try mi 24 Other games are fine as far i can tell.
  11. I have removed the nosepad on both my rift-s an reverb, so i can still glance at my keyboard from time to time. I'm in a pretty dark room so i dont get bothered with light coming trough.
  12. i have a 1080ti as well , and it runs pretty good. I've put my res in steam vr on 50%, no msaa and medium to low settings On the ww2 spitfire campaign, i had some bad time (heavy frames drops). But it was the same thing with my rift-s when i played that campaign a couple of years ago, altough the normandy map should be alot smoother nowadays. So its hard to compare, and most likely a cpu or memory problem due to the many units in those missions
  13. Omg this is a real gamechanger for me, especially for spotting ground targets! Still need to check out all the setting but so far i'm really impressed Thanks for this
  14. Had the same prob with the rift s, but no prob with my g2
  15. Ok thanks for the info, i might have to pull the trigger then
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