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  1. Hi, Would you guys say that the current AWACS is overpowered? Almost a 'GOD EYE'? In the DL you can many time notice low and slow helicopters or very far away targets. It's a bit of a pain specially in PvP and not sure how realistic is it. What do you think? Thanks.
  2. Hi, This map is very useful for planning low-level routes both for aircraft and helicopters. Would be great if you could add it as an option to the F10 map. Thanks.
  3. Not sure if it is possible... As a pilot/CPG - If I see something of interest - can I easily "MARK" it using the helmet? Thanks
  4. Yep. That's an issue. Should better stay with George's last trim
  5. small question - why does ED promote VKB in their weekend update? What about other companies? WINWING just released their awesome F16 set... Many manufacturers release hardware...
  6. Another way to read his post is "It is a 0 priority at the moment. Let's talk again after AH64 is released, and the pressure out of F16/18 is way lower"
  7. A. BIGNEWY: "At the moment the pods both perform the same, this may change in the future" So its not so important at the moment B. s BIGNWEY: "We are not some giant company like microsoft with devs spilling over into the isle's. As mentioned early access can take years, budgets and recruitment of devs play a big part of that, without early access you would not get these modules, without the support from you all none of this would happen. We operate in a niche flight sim market and we have been doing it longer ( over 25 years ) and out lasted others in the genre, we have done this as we can play the longer game and have the vision to keep us going. No one wants to see this stop, hopefully not even any of you. We are getting off topic with the early access talk, please return to talking about the ARC-210, as soon as I have news I will share it with you all. thanks for supporting us. " The superposition - it won't happen in the near future and in any case, at the moment it got no effect...
  8. I honestly don't understand why @BIGNEWY@NineLine or one of the DEVs simply don't answer this question...
  9. Is there a difference between the short and long ALQ-184 pods (burn through range, drag etc)? Or is it only cosmetics (3d model)?
  10. Thing is, apparently the FLIR is 'ready' from WAGS AH64 updates. It's not the feature holding the module from release. Waiting additional time for the 64 completion before release - makes sense and in my opinion is the right way to go... But perhaps the FLIR can be published for open beta earlier? It's seems like a HUGE update in FLIR tech and being anticipated not less than the AH64 itself.
  11. Hi, It is technically possible to change JHMCS to NVG and vice versa during flight. While not particularly fun in real life - it is possible. Can it be implemented in DCS please? Thanks.
  12. BIGNEWY, once again, while the team work on core features that don't exist at the time and require research, development, testing etc (and that SUPERB! Keep up the hard work), there are many "low hanging fruits" that are easy to accomplish (some was done by external users as mods) - and we as SC users would really appreciate to became an integral part of the module. Again, as a quick example - In the near future you plan to integrate the dynamic weather - meaning the wind will change every few hours or so. You'd have to create a feature for the SC to turn into the wind or otherwise it will be extremally hard to land on the boat... So creating a quick F10 command to simply make the boat to turn into the wind - should be easy. It would be nice to have now, it would help in MP and SP. Why don't you guys make a poll asking what people would like most and priorities accordingly? It worked with the F18/16... Thanks.
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