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  1. Agreed. Won't be able to fly for a bit to provide a track file. Hopefully someone can!
  2. PD = pixel density. In simple terms, it's like increasing the resolution in VR.
  3. That PC is very similar in spec to mine, and I'm very happy with it. Running VR all high settings with a 1.8PD, smooth as silk in the Tomcat. In my opinion and experience with a nearly identical PC, that is money well spent.
  4. Get a 2080 if you can swing it if you have any plans of ever getting into VR. Also, get a SSD for your DCS install.
  5. I think I get what he's saying. Taxiing in real airplanes isn't nearly as smooth as it appears in DCS. Taxiways are bumpy and you definitely feel it in the plane. Modeling that would add a bit more to the immersion of the sim. Necessary, no. Nothing wrong with putting it on the wishlist, though.
  6. It looks incredible. My CPU and RAM is newer, but running on a 2080. Runs perfectly with settings to high (including shadows) and mirrors on. The amount of detail and depth is mind blowing. You're going to love it!
  7. I had the same issue, upgraded from a 1060 to a 2080, no more problems.
  8. It is happening. Nearly done installing already.
  9. Congrats to you and the rest of the team!
  10. The Yak runs as well as any other plane, and I own most of them. I am using the shaders mod.
  11. Not accurate. It can be used in MP servers with integrity check OFF.
  12. Tried it out briefly today. Running a GTX1060. Incredible improvement in FPS, it's absolutely fluid now. No loss in graphics quality; in fact, I was able to change shadows from flat to high without any visible loss in FPS. So... Better graphics coupled with a dramatic increase in FPS. What sorcery is this?!
  13. I have a Rift, 1.3PD. I can spot the ball at a minimum 1/2 mile out. I thought I couldn't at first, but it was only because I was too low in the beginning of the groove. Once I sorted my pattern out, I found I was able to spot the ball a great deal further out.
  14. Repeatable by others. NWS HI results in unreliable and infrequent functionality. On exterior view inputs move the wheel visually, but the plane moves in a straight path. On some occasions a high gain turn can be initiated but steering authority is lost shortly after initiating NWS input. This occurs in the carrier and on land.
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